The United States is a Worldwide Strategic Threat

What constitutes a strategic threat?

A strategic threat is any significant aspect of the external environment that can block or derail the organization from moving to brighter future offered by the strategic vision.”   (

“Military and defense strategies of any army or security services are usually built around the presumed enemy or a potential threat. Potential threats differ from one country to another, and depend on the military planners’ estimation of the strength of the presumed enemy.  However, there is no disagreement over the right of communities to prepare for potential dangers and make contingency plans to counter them.”  (

What makes the United States a strategic threat?  (In my opinion …)

Military and economic clout.  Willingness to escalate confrontations.  Failure to pursue diplomatic solutions.  Willingness to break agreements in order to please special interests.  Alliances with other countries that can be controlled economically, politically or through military threats.  Selective funding of international aid and development.  Extreme nationalism and self-aggrandizement.

Repudiation of climate change and conservation.  Willingness to risk damage to the environment for profit and privilege.  Stifling dissent. Demonizing the press, free speech and protest.  Propaganda spread as fact.  Incompetent politicians, especially the current President and appointees.  Using hate to divide citizens and diffuse opposition.  Lying … over and over again.

International domination of local communities and individual nations will continue unless people join mass movements for justice together regardless of national location.  Unless they are willing to compromise and sacrifice.  Democracy requires an informed electorate and the mechanisms to provide facts rather than “truth.”  “I feel” and “I believe” are not the same as “the facts are” and “evidence suggests.”