The United States of Toxins (Forbes Magazine)

A friend (who is also a Facebook friend) directed me to this story.  Forbes Magazine looked at the 2016 EPA data and consolidation into the Toxic Releases Inventory (TRI) which is then used to set environmental policies in place.  I would never have believed that Alaska is the most toxic state otherwise!

I lived in Alaska for six and a half years and was there for the Exxon-Valdez spill.  I know Alaska is too dependent on oil and mining.  They also, however, have a high regard for wilderness (and tourism).  They are also independent and abhor authority, so it does make a little sense.

I was really happy to see the Pacific NW (Oregon in particular) all at the lower end of the report.  I shudder to think what these statistics will be if Trump succeeds in opening public lands up again to mining and oil exploration.  I shudder to think about the impacts on wildlife, wilderness, human health and the environment in general.  Regulation should protect all those things and more.  The rich will now be insulated from the effects of all these things.  The rest of us will have to live with them.