Unwelcome Behavior

“When somebody continues to open our old wounds on purpose, they must be told that their behavior is no longer welcome.”  – Madisyn Taylor, Daily OM contributor

We all struggle to apply this in our own lives and to minimize toxic environments surrounding us.  When applied to social norms and issues, this is absolutely essential.  The most recent incarnations are found in the social and racial justice movements, including #MeToo and Black Lives Matter.  A new vernacular is also being mainstreamed …

Here are a few ideas that have changed me:
– Addressing class inequity doesn’t mean you’ve addressed race inequity.  This has been the argument for generations and racial inequity remains static.
– People of color are not poor for the same reasons white people are poor.
– You don’t have to be racist yourself to be part of, or even contributing to, a racist system.
In conclusion, I am fighting against the scarcity mindset as encompassed by:  You will only get more because they get less and they exist to get less in order for you to get more.  This assumes that improving another person’s situation will adversely affect your own … always.  This is the mindset used to divide and isolate, to spread fear and hate, to give our power away.
Fight against the behaviors and beliefs that empower the 1% who are exploiting the rest of us.  They are no longer welcome!