Update #1: Health

    In May, I fell while out shopping in Everett and fractured my upper right arm near the shoulder.  The break could not be cast and, of course, I am right-handed.  I was also bruised from my right temple to my right hip.  I wound up going to stay with my mom for a month.  It wook nearly six weeks to get back to work and I am still in physical therapy.  I see improvement every week, but I am also dealing with a couple of new health issues.
    Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with bronchial spasms and pneumonia.  I recovered from that, but had to go in again for cough and shortness of breath and they are treating me for asthma with inhalers and nasal sprays.  My mom told me that my maternal great grandmother suffered from severe asthma attacks.  I am hoping the asthma symptoms are not permanent.

Issues:  1)  My sister felt slighted because our mom didn't drop everything to take care of her when she fractured her foot.  I pointed out that I moved in with mom rather than expecting mom to leave her responsibilities and that a fractured foot (since I've had that) left one a lot more able to take care of one's own self.  That was NOT a popular response.  2)  I was placed in the middle of some relationship issues that my mon and her companion were having and in the middle of their move to a new home.  I am sure I added stress, but I also provided support.