Update #2: Work

    My work situation has been tense for some time.  While my direct relationships with my co-workers and supervisors are fair to good, managerial issues have arisen yet again.  Over the past 12 years, my supervisor has chosen to put me on leave restriction and require me to provide FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) documentation on my chronic or major health issues.  Just before my fall and fracture in May, I had "won" a repeal of an adverse action for failure to comply with the latest additiional use and reporting requirements.  Both my cell phone records and my request to the union for assistance were crucial.  The actual requirements letter has since expired and they have made no further attempts to implement restrictions.  However, my supervisor is still trying to micro-manage my leave usage and I am keeping the union informed and insisting on impartial treatment.
    All federal employees had to comply with the "furlough" and I've lost five Fridays worth of pay and benefits.  The furlough has been rescinded early (scheduled to be eleven days), but the time that I lost due to the injury and then the furlough has had major impacts on my finances despite several arrangements that I was able to negotiate.

Issues:  1)  Trying to maintain the balance in work relationships, essentially between giving them too much and not enough personal information.  Insisting that managerial decisions be based on work requirements rather than value judgements.  2)  Unions make a difference and should be supported.  The assault on unions in this country has played a major part in the stagnation of wages and the decline of the middle class.  3)  Extremism (such as the Tea Party) in government has led to ineffectual government.  Compromise is required by both sides.  The furloughs were just one more example.