Violating the Oath of Office

Watching DemocracyNow today, I was struck by their interview with David Cay Johnston.  He believes there are at least three reasons that Trump should be removed from office (you could combine #2 and #3).

  1.  He is in violation of his Oath of Office taken as President of the United States.
  2.  Cognitive decline:  failures of memory, failure to read/inability to retain complex information, speaking in adjectives rather than full sentences.
  3. He lies and is clearly delusional.  He would fail the Army Standards of Conduct used to promote officers beyond lieutenant.
  4. He has committed crimes of collusion and undue influence, among others, that are impeachable.

I’ve put David Cay Johnston’s two most recent books dealing with Trump on my reading list.  I have the first read to go digitally from my local library and am on the digital and audio waiting lists at three libraries.  (I love reciprocal library agreements!)  I will keep you posted and here are the links to further information:

He believes that if the Democrats take back the House and Senate, Trump will be impeached.  Depending somewhat on the grounds used for impeachment, Pence should join him.  That could conceivably make the Speaker of the House the “acting” President of the House.  Whomever the job falls too should clearly identify themselves as temporary and declare their intent NOT to run for President in the next election.  (My own opinion is that if they wanted to run later, they could.  Just not immediately.)

I say again, “It is not enough to refuse participation, you must participate even if the process for change remains flawed and imperfect.”