What Does Contentment Look Like?

      Why is contentment such an unappreciated, even pejorative, term?  Peak and valley moments and events come and go.  If you are doing what you want, living as you wish, and making contributions (big or small), contentment SHOULD be the result.
      This bias is clearly visible in Western society, especially in the United States.  A company whose production and/or profits remain stable isn't seen as sucessful. They can be producing a quality product or service.  Their employees can be happy and have access to benefits.  Those things are not as important as increasing demand and profit.  If employees can't live on the wages they receive or afford services (like medical or dental) and the workmanship of the product or service suffers, not a problem as long as the company is increasing profits.  (And we haven't even gotten to the question of sustainability and stewardship.)
      Any person not actively trying to betther him or herself, is lazy and unmotivated … unambitious and unimaginative … tired and used up … In reality, they may have spent years designing their life and now simply want to enjoy it … AND BE CONTENT.