Who Should Actually Be Deported …

Our government is becoming seriously dysfunctional because Alternative President Trump has removed/fired any official who disagrees with or criticizes his policies.  He is now having Republicans block Democratic attendance at meetings where actions they might disagree with are being discussed or implemented.

Meanwhile, Trump is holding rallies to boost his self-esteem and continuously propagating lies, i.e. alternative facts.  (See fact checking on his last press conference.)  He doesn’t bother to fact check anything he hears before he passes it on and literally makes up incidents and statistics on the fly.  When called on those errors (usually by the media), he whines about unfairness.  He is identifying scapegoats much as Hitler did.  Trump’s Jews are undocumented immigrants, Muslims and the unbiased media.

Hitler:  Make Germany Great Again
Trumps:  Make America Great Again

This week in February 1942, just two months after Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt as commander-in-chief, issued Executive Order 9066, which had the effect of relocating all persons of Japanese ancestry, both citizens and aliens, inland, outside of the Pacific military zone.  This was our second instance of unlawful detention and broken promises (the first being the reservations and treaties signed with Native Americans).  If we are not careful, we will have a third.

This third instance of unlawful detention and broken promises pertaining to immigrants and especially Muslims is not only unprincipled, it is antithetical to the very foundation of the United States as conceived and established by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Church and state are constitutionally required to be separate.  Personal practices are not in any way limited by this.  Requiring others to conform to your personal practices is.  Fully vetted immigrants and refugees are FACTUALLY less of a threat internally than our own citizens.

Individuals are perfectly able to follow their own consciences and beliefs in the private sphere.  In the public sphere, however, citizens are required to provide goods and services without regard to race, religion, sex or ethnicity.  They are NOT authorized to force their personal biases onto others.  If they don’t want to live in a free and open society, they should follow the example of people all around the world who do:  Immigrate to a country with the kind of society you want to live in.  I recommend Russia or other totalitarian, authoritarian, autocratic or theocratic regimes.  They are the ones worth deporting.