Writing Prompts

I've decided to reduce my Audible spending.  I had six pages at 200 items per page (audiobooks only … everything else was excluded), when I decided to print out my Audible Library.  I am using the three library systems available to me (Pierce County, Tacoma, and Washington Anytime (Longview)) to offset this spending.

I've had the main entries from Oprah's Book Club (original 1996-2012), the 2013 list, the 2014 list, and the Book Club 2.0.  I had downloaded a few over time because they caught me eye.  I had added a bunch of them to my Audible wish list (which I can't find a good way to print) already.  I am now going page by page (checking out about 10 at a time from the library for 21 days).  Once I've exhasted the library audiobooks for each section, I'll decide whether to get the audibook from Audible or settle for the eBook from the library.  Audio lets me do other things while I "read."

I am keeping a notebook for things that strike me in order to use them as the jumping off point for my journal.  I am also planning on getting back to my daily tarot card and meditative coloring.  I have nearly organized my reclaimed library (second bedroom).  I'd like to replace the table, but will wait until after Christmas and need to make one last pass through the books and take the discards to sell at Half Price Books.

Meanwhile, if I can't find something else to write about, I have some accumulated pages of quotes from my page-a-day calendars that I liked and I'll use those.  It would be nice to get a following, but it isn't necessary.  I may try to tweet more.