Author Trifecta (Diane Ackerman, Brenda Peterson, Linda Hogan)

Three authors have shaped my views of nature, the natural world, animals and humans interacting with both.  They are:  Diane Ackerman, Brenda Peterson, and Linda Hogan.  I will no longer visit places like SeaWorld where dolphins and orcas perform and/or breed in captivity.  I’ve given up my idea of swimming with dolphins unless those dolphins are completely free to leave their lagoon and never come back.  I won’t visit zoos unless the habitats are humane, enriched and spacious.  I think of myself as someone whose life is no more meaningful (or meaningless) that the other animals and creatures living on the planet, “All life and living things have intrinsic value that isn’t based on how useful or convenient they are for humanity.”

Some years ago, I began to think of our planet as a living organism.  Many others think of it as an organic mechanism for our use.  Human bodies are self-regulating and so is the planet.  Our actions lead to reactions and the system seeks to re-stabilize itself.  So you have climate change.  Denying climate change is like saying your can drink all the alcohol and never get drunk or, at least, never get too drunk to function.  You’ve introduced a substance that you know will affect the system.  You have documentation on what those affects will be.  You can calculate what different inputs will deliver as outputs.  Pretending you can’t, that the evidence doesn’t exit, and that the result isn’t cumulative, is simply ridiculous.  Climate change isn’t “fake news.”  It is still being studied because the inputs and the effects continue … not because it is questionable as fact.

If you like this analogy, please feel free to use it.  And I recommend the following books from the above authors:

Wolf Nation by Brenda Peterson
Sightings by Brenda Peterson

Singing the Sound by Brenda Peterson
Build Me an Ark by Brenda Peterson

Intimate Nature Between Women and Animals by Linda Hogan
Woman Who Watches Over the World by Linda Hogan

Moon by Whale Light by Diane Ackerman*
The Rarest of the Rare by Diane Ackerman*

(These two books showcase my dream job of combining writing with wildlife zoology._