Bank Where You Live and Spend Ethically

This link will take you to community banking topics on the Huffington Post, but the central premise is do NOT support the big banks and associated corporations with your money or the interest on your loans and credit cards.  I am trying to follow this advice.  I paid off my credit cards with a signature loan from my credit union combined with a low interest loan from my TSP (401K) plan.  I currently have had to re-open two accounts to use for travel and emergencies, but I am paying those off and keeping a minimum balance in the associated savings accounts.  (I’ve moved my savings to my credit union too.)

I am trying to downsize and simplify.  On one hand, it is hard.  I collected things because I loved them or used them.  On the other hand, I splurge on new interests and then those interests may or may not last.  So, I am sorting and will simply donate the majority of the computers and computer stuff I’ve collected.  I am using my ASUS Windows 8.1 tablet with dock, my Amazon Fire HD 10, my Moto X Pure Edition, and (occasionally) my legacy ACER Aspire One Windows XP netbook.  I have a desktop (Windows 7) and laptop (Windows 10) available at work along with free wi-fi for my devices.  I am sorting and giving away or listing my craft items and supplies (except fiber arts and adult coloring).  I am purging my closet and cloths.  I am throwing out 90% of my VHS collection and my old cassettes.  And of course, there’s more to do.

I am trying not to buy anything I won’t use immediately, don’t really need, or that will take up space (as I am planning to retire and move to smaller housing soon).

Meanwhile, I am focusing on the activities that I always thought I’d be doing much more:  journal, write, read, mentor/teach, study (metaphysics, mythology, tarot, runes, religion) and (eventually) volunteer and resist politically.  I’ve done small things for resistance so far:  I’ve pledged funds to Planned Parenthood and to support free media (the Nation and DemocracyNow).  I pay a small stipend for green energy to my utility company.  I watch and push out information from free media that I can trust.  I am attempting to put my money where my ethics and values are with boycotts, a healthier lifestyle, and environmentally friendly habits.

Changing any habit takes times and being committed to starting over each time you slip, but I think its important and I’ll keep trying.  I invite you to join me.