Blue Wave + Pink Wave = Progressive Tide (One End of the Rainbow)

What does being a progressive mean to me?

  • I believe in social justice.
  • I believe that the United States must accept responsibility for fixing what we’ve broken (or helped break).
  • I deny the ethics of scarcity:  I do not suffer because someone else gets a pay raise or more access or equal standing.  We need a living wage.
  • Wealth was not meant for the few at the expense of the many.  The wealthy should pay taxes and contribute to the national safety net.  Their “salary” should never be hundreds of times higher than the salaries of their employees.
  • No immigrant is illegal if you’re blocking the routes to legal immigration.  No child needs to be separated from their family unless their very life is at risk and never for the convenience of propaganda or as a deterrent for anything, especially seeking a better life and refuge from violence.
  • Non-violent criminals do not belong in prison and felons should have a path to full citizenship, especially voting.  The death penalty needs to go … because courts and juries are too fallible.
  • Access to health  and dental care aren’t a privilege (based on income), but an indelible right for all.  We need universal healthcare.
  • Consumer and advertising culture backed by big business and special interests are destroying the environment and creating anxious, depressed, angry, violent and hopeless people.
  • Freedom of speech and assembly, including a free press, are intrinsic to democracy and don’t belong to special interests.  They are not “persons.”
  • Hate and hate speech are not protected when they demonize and wink at violence.
  • Equality is just that … gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, political party, health status, country of origin, etc. DO NOT APPLY.
  • The separation of church and state is the foundation of legitimate government.  Separation of powers is what makes government work and prevents fascism.
  • Climate change is real and needs to be mitigated in any way possible.

I don’t know if the Democratic Party can give up the historical associations and positions, yet they are better than the alternative.  I think the women of the “Pink Wave” need to ride the “Blue Wave” strategically into position, fighting the good fight and promoting as much change as possible.  Ultimately, we may need a new political party.  I personally look forward to the time when being white no longer puts me in the majority and removes “power” from the phrase “powerful white men.”

As a footnote:  “Alternate facts” are NOT.  They are the story you prefer.  “Fake news” is NOT.  They disagree with you or add actual facts and opposing viewpoints.  Hate and propaganda are NEVER okay.  Using up resources because you’ll be dead before it becomes a problem?  Also, NOT okay.