What Can Happen To You Can Happen To Me

Wild Words from Wild Women:  “What can happen to anyone can happen to me.” – Muriel Rukeyser, perished poet

We all really need to take this quote and its message to heart.  Americans seem to believe that if one average guy can become a millionaire, so can they (despite real facts in evidence to the contrary).  We need to start believing that if bad things happen to other Americans, they can also happen to us.

“Alternative” President Trump’s claims three new executive orders (signed on Thursday) are “designed to restore safety in America.”

The order creating a new Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety is simple grandstanding when violent crime across the country is at an overall low.  A second executive order aimed at combating transnational drug cartels simply directs law enforcement agencies to use existing resources to step up their game and share their information.  Since Trump is busy alienating the leaders and governments of other countries around the world, I expect ineffective emphasis.  Finally, he signed a third order directing the Justice Department to use existing federal law to prosecute those who commit crimes against law enforcement officers, but he makes to mention of law enforcement officers who commit crimes against citizens.  Given all the state and local efforts to criminalize public protests and protestors, I believe this will simply lead to the wrongful arrest and harassment of more and more citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

We must act now lest we suffer later.