Can We Vote to Become an Australian Colony? I Would!

Australia changed its laws after their LAST mass shooting in April 1996 in Tasmania.  They had a conservative government, but they passed gun control laws only 13 days later and their media managed to deny the shooter publicity for his actions.  They haven’t had another mass shooting since.  Given that this was a bipartisan effort in a gun-loving culture where mass shootings had been occurring about once a year on much smaller scales, the 35 deaths and 23 injuries were the final spur.  (Can you even recount the numbers from all of the mass shootings in the US?)

The Australia gun lobby tried to reverse the uniform laws which included universal background checks, gun registration and ban of military grade assault weapons (which included a $1M government buy-back).  Some small erosion occurred, such as opening national parks for hunting, but the main laws remain intact 21 years later.

The questions being asked internationally about Las Vegas:
How was the individual able to accumulate such an arsenal of weapons?
How was the individual able to stockpile such a massive amount of ammunition?
How was he able to carry them all into a public hotel?
Why did he have so many assault weapons when they’re supposed to be controlled?
Why is this political in the US rather than a health and welfare issue?

At bottom, no other industrialized country has this number of mass shootings or this amount of gun violence.  No other population has suffered more for the inaction of their legislators.

News Coverage:
USA Today
The Washington Post
(Do I really need to provide links to our latest mass shooting in Las Vegas?)

My question:
If we can talk about regulating guns after a mass shooting, when?

So far, no group has been able to hold our legislators and the NRA responsible.  Perhaps the music industry could  by refusing to play open venues in places without gun regulation, by boycotting events in states fighting against gun regulation, by supporting the local governments (cities, municipalities, states) that have implemented gun regulation.

Everyone needs to stop framing mass shooting and gun regulation as simply the price we pay for Second Amendment rights.  Universal background checks, registration of privately owned firearms and tracking of ammunition sales are not unreasonable … unless you are one of those “bad” people who Trump keeps talking about.

I own a handgun and I have had a concealed carry permit in the past.  I have had gun collectors and hunters in my family.  I am qualified to have an opinion and I think it’s a responsible one.  If every law enforcement officer didn’t expect every citizen to have a gun, police shootings would drop.   Without easy and immediate access to firearms, lethal assaults and domestic violence would drop.  Finally, accidental and mass shootings would drop.  I think those are even more important than the idea that I need to stockpile weapons by defining myself as part of a militia under the Second Amendment.