Change of Venue

I’ve been thinking about the things that are easy to change and those that aren’t. Changing your location is something that can go either way. Change how you live, the place or where you live, change the contents, or just change where and when you go.

In my case, I feel locked into my rented duplex because it’s so affordable and I know that the “casual boyfriend/roommate” has nowhere to go that he could afford (I assume if he had an offer, he’d take it.) I feel locked into the relationship because we haven’t had a formal breakup, just drifting apart. I feel locked into my job because of tenure, salary, and benefits. I can change my activities and I’ve tried. Some things work and some things don’t.

Case in point, my Meetup group. I’ve got over a hundred members, but only four of us (including me) attended the regular weekly meeting. Only two showed up for the trial beer night. Attendance at the audio book event is similar. Now, the coffee shop has shortened its hours and I am left to decide whether a new location is in order. If so, what’s my criteria besides hours? How much emphasis should I place on centralized access (I5 corridor) or my convenience (Spanaway)? I wonder if I should just start posting the known events at the stores and attend those? Then, I could just host three once-a-month events. Maybe …