Child of Water (from the Gaian Tarot) Goes Vegan?

The Child of Water is tender-hearted and dreamy, and has a rich imaginary life.  She may be attracted to a new spiritual path or philosophy, or drawn to a new art medium.  She may be experiencing love for the first time.  She needs to embrace her emotions, her dreams, her imagination, and let her heart be filled.

ME:  I find that my resentment of my former boyfriend (now sleeping like a brother on the futon) is becoming diffuse and unimportant.  Soon it will be gone.  I am simplifying my life by getting rid of or repurposing many things and some activities.  Meanwhile, I’ve been reading about being “healthy at any weight” and veganism.  Ethically, I’ve been sold on veganism for a long time.  However, I don’t really like most vegetables or beans.  I’m not sure I’d be able to give up everything.  I could give up dairy because I rarely use milk and could find a substitute for it and ice cream, but I need cheese.  I could find a local source for eggs and stop eating chicken.  I could use farmer’s markets and only buy things with whole grains, seeds and nuts.  I could give up most processed foods.  Can I find enough vegan things to eat AND satisfy without minimal cooking and preparation?  What about pizza?  So maybe I’ll just try to become vegan-ish and not beat myself up for the things I just can’t give up.