Choose Your Race – Human

I began reading a certain book recently.  I haven’t gotten very far because I decided it deserved my full attention and I’ve had a bunch of distractions lately.  I have made one decision based on my initial reading.

When asked my race, I am no longer going to answer “white” or “caucasian.”   I am no longer going to answer with my ethnic heritage, like German or Irish.  I will identify my gender as female, but my sexual orientation is nobody else’s business.

  • I am a member of the HUMAN race or OTHER or PREFER NOT ANSWER.
  • I am a citizen of the United States or an American from Washington State or a North American.

I ask that you do the same.  And, I am going to ask everyone else that I can whenever I can to do it too.  So many subtle and blatant assumptions and social connotations attach to the idea of race that I think refusing to identify with them is a great first step.