Compromised Immunity (Compromised Democracy)

While my compromised/weakened immune system impacts me and a few members of my immediate family, social and work circles, the compromised immune system of the United States is impacting us all.  Every time we avert a crisis, our democracy and our world standing is weakened.  Our response to each crisis takes longer to ramp up and is scaled back due to fatigue.  Eventually, Trump and his cronies will have worn us down so much that our democracy will no longer be immune to corruption, fascism or bigotry.  The United States will have a new “normal” which includes passivity, propaganda and dictatorship in all but name.

If you work to keep yourself informed and resist wherever  you can,  you need to renew your physical, emotional and mental resources.  Different people will do this in different ways.  For me it is time alone and time resting in nature.  Resting is key.  I don’t want physical challenges or adherence to a schedule.  I want to relax.  This past weekend, I joined my oldest friend at Rockaway Beach in a beautiful condo to celebrate her 56th birthday.  We relaxed, drank wine sitting on the patio, walked in the surf and did a minimal amount of window shopping.  I’ve attached some photographs.