COVID19 Vaccinations

Deaths from COVID19 passed half a million early this week. People have been comparing it to other losses of all kinds, but the one that stuck with me is: More than all American deaths in WWI, WWII and Vietnam combined.

Yet, I also sympathize with people wanting to be “normal” again. I miss hanging out in the coffee shop and actual book stores. I’ like to go out for a meal without special equipment or worry. I miss hanging out with friends and family. I miss vacations where crowds were NOT a life-threatening problem.

Minimizing and accepting risk for yourself can be considered a reasonable choice. However, if you do get sick, someone has to take care of you. Perhaps you don’t get really sick and don’t realize you have/had COVID19. How many other people did you expose? Did you require hospitalization? If you took the risks, why shouldn’t you be last in line for assistance? Especially, if you claimed it was/is all a hoax and took few if any precautions?

So, I am sick of masks. I’m sick of hand sanitizer and cleaning every surface. I was annoyed with all the road blocks to getting vaccinated and wary of the vaccines themselves. In the end both my 78-year-old mom and I (58 years) both got our first vaccination this month. She had the first shot from Moderna and I had the first shot from ​​​​Pfizer-BioNTech. We both had arms that felt like someone punched us really hard and left a bruise, but neither of our arms looked bruised. And we’ve both had a couple of days of feeling tired and “blah.” Of course, the “worst” reaction is supposed to be after the second shot. We will both have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, the British and South African variants have both been found in Washington State. I think that those who want to take more risks should have the option of doing so in places that are NOT mandatory for me or anyone else. So options should be available for school, health facilities and public venues. Those should include distance learning, video chats and conferencing, and mandatory mask/glove requirements. I continue to work from home 4 out of 5 days. Unless things change radically, I expect to continue this way until I retire and move in permanently with Mom this summer.