Coyotes Calling

Every year, I listen to the coyote pack in my area (Spanaway/Graham) of Washington State howl.  I’ve never heard a wolf pack and probably never will, but we have coyotes because we killed off the wolves and they (coyotes) are more versatile and crafty.  They live with us and not just in the sparsely populated areas we leave them.  I understand the dynamic of their survival and our safety.  I don’t understand the drive to “just get rid of them all,” but that seems the dominant mindset … or at least the mindset of the most vocal locally.

Washington State has laws about living with wildlife, including coyotes, and has taken the time to link the people who look for them to factual information and guidance about coyotes and interacting with them.  I lost my cat to them last summer.  He was a hunter and a wanderer and refused to accept indoor only status.  He survived that way for about 10 years and then he lost the gamble.  I don’t love the coyote who was seen chasing him, but it was his acceptable risk.  Keep your pets indoors, in a fenced yard, or under your control.  Treat small children the same.  Live and let live … and appreciate all the remaining glimpses of the wild.