Found out yesterday that SSRIs and other drugs don’t actually treat depression or anxiety.  (Lost Connections by Johann Hari)  Discovered that my 500GB tablet hard drive was full because iTunes had downloaded four (4!) copies of each LIBRARIAN episode.  I got back about 150GB by fixing that and moving a few other things.  reMarkable is pushing an update what will convert handwriting to printing for PDF.  I can hardly wait.

Lots of health issues in the family recently.  Mom with kidney failure that will eventually lead to dialysis.  Sister with hormone and gastric issues.  My usual and then Mom was just diagnosed with a small melanoma in one eye.  She has to decide on treatment.  If told I’d never have sex (with another person) again, I’d only be mildly disappointed.

On time this morning.  I will be home this weekend while the race car roars back into action after the latest round of upgrades and maintenance.

Running late because I misplaced my keys.  When the staff meeting let out for a break between it and training, I took the elevator up to get my wallet.  The doors did not open and I was stranded inside until 911 sent rescuers, about 15 minutes.

Got up a little earlier and had time to feed Erin (fresh and seed) this morning.  Only half of my office is illuminated  as one of the two light sets hums when switched on.  My co-worker put in a work order for me.  Juggling money to stretch until Wednesday night is getting very tricky.  I really shouldn’t have purchased the new shawl at the fair, but I talked her down from $250 to $165!  And I love it!

Back from another weekend with Mom. We finished watching YELLOWSTONE and several movies.  I felt really old when I discovered that BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID was filmed in 1969.  Made the changes to Mom’s AT&T/DirecTV services that we discussed.

I saw a heron flying back to the woods while leaving for work this morning.  Organizational Day commences this afternoon.  My niece called for the first time in years today.  I’ve been having writer’s block for weeks.  I’ve managed only one real post.

I haven’t been too good about maintaining this, but am resolved (once again) and will at least make a Monday/Friday post to cover the weekend and the work week.  Cooler weather over the weekend let me get a few tasks and I started knitting again.  SO (significant other) got back later than usual Sunday due to traffic and fires going over the pass.  I made it to bed at a decent hour for work today.

My sister spent her first weekend at Mom’s since the incident that left her living alone.  I was completely lazy, but I did cook another vegetarian meal (tofu po-boys) on Sunday and do a little laundry.  I need to turn my bedroom/bathroom into a workable space where I’m motivated to work on my hobbies and projects.  I think that means kicking my roommate out of the book/altar room.