I prefer to approach problems from an objective perspective and minimize the emotional aspects.  I am often asked for information, perspective and advice.  I wind up being bombarded by the emotions of others … often family.  The current situation involving my mom and aunts is nowhere near closed.

Mom was overwhelmed and a bit scared by what she learned about kidney treatment and her possible outcomes.  I think I calmed her and I’ll be seeing her and reading her paperwork this weekend.  Meanwhile, she sent me a “yellow” Revolar alert instead of the “daily” alert I’d asked her to and we wound up talking more about her living situation and reclaiming a friendship with the companion she kicked out once some time has elapsed.  As I told her, if they can do that without repeating old patterns, then she should spend time doing whatever feels safe and comfortable.  She has NO intention of living together again.

I got home last night and today was my first workday of the week.  I didn’t hear from mom until late.  Her companion began drinking again after she offered to let him watch the finale of the Voice before leaving for the trailer parked out front.  Once released from jail on Monday, he wasn’t allowed to stay at the house.  However, we did allow him to park the truck and trailer out front while he moved things he needed (and had space for) out to them.  He left this morning for his rental out in the country.  He did not go early as expected, but was gone when mom got home from the doctor and other errands.  Her health issues and the stress are upsetting for her, but I believe things will be better overall with him gone.  My sister and I just have to get her organized.  I will be going back down over the long weekend.

My aunt’s husband committed suicide with a handgun in front of her.  Later, my mom’s companion was drunk when she came home from the hospital.  He was verbally abusive and became physically intimidating.  She called 911 and he was arrested for domestic violence.  I am heading down for the weekend and may need some additional time off next week.

Found out today that Windows 10 does not include drivers or apps to play DVDs or video.  You have to add a third-party app.  I chose the internet recommendation of VLC Media Player.  I stopped and bought some potting soil and a couple of pots on my way home yesterday and I’ll take the plants from work home with me and bring them and my new cypress back.

I have a garden tour tomorrow afternoon. I’ve had a fairly quiet week, but did spend time helping other sections with their IT needs.

Went by MAMC this morning and had my mammogram and blood drawn … again.  They didn’t process the fasting test the first time.  Took two tries with the needle in my left arm.  The second tech got it first try.  Loving my Moto Z2 Play that cost $24.99 and replaced my Moto X Pure Edition.  So glad that I bought it and the warranty from Motorola.  Just moved the SIM and the data.  Then, I had to do all the organizing and cosmetic screen and settings stuff for most of a whole weekend.  It takes all the Moto Mods and I bought the battery pack.  I am hoping for some of the other as gifts.

Caught up on most of my projects.  Attending my first cousin’s memorial this weekend.  I will stay overnight with mom and have dinner with my friend at Red Lobster before heading home on Sunday.  Got laundry and other organizing done last night.  I have to mail some yarn on my way home and get my nails done.  Then, I’ll dye my hair and pack.  I need an earlier than usual start in the morning.

Got my permanent crown put on yesterday afternoon and still made it to knitting group.  By the end, I was sore and ready for a pain pill, but I had a good time.  I started a new shawl project.  Heard from Mom and they may have a solution to her tooth and jaw pain!

I’ve been feeling restless, both at work and home.  I’m having a hard time settling to anything, including reading/listening to books or news, writing, organizing, cleaning, staying in one place.  I’ve been compensating by binge watching series and sleeping.  I went home last night after a short break updating my laptop at Starbucks and slept until 9 pm.  My jaw still becomes sore and the swelling isn’t entirely gone.  This morning was bad period and I had a hard time motivating, so I wound up going into work late.

Well, the weekend sucked.  I overdid it on the pain med and had a rebound headache when I switched to ibuprofen on Sunday.  Sunday was better, but my jaw remained swollen and the pain was constant.  Fortunately, Monday was the turning point and the pain is intermittent and the swelling has gone down.  I’m still afraid to really yawn!  I also watched the entire Commander in Chief series (only two seasons).  While I like the current Madame Secretary better, it was pretty good.  I am currently on Season 2 of Body of Proof.  I saw some of it when it aired and it is still great.

I had dental work to complete the last phase.  After spending three hours for crown prep on a lower right molar; my jaw, my gum and the tooth plus the teeth around and above all hurt and continue to do so.  Fortunately, I had some hydrocodone-acetaminophen left from my broken arm.  The work was Tuesday and I am till taking pain pills today.  I went through all the yarn in storage looking for certain skeins and culled some more for the charity afghan project.  I am still crocheting Unholey Granny Squares.

I missed work yesterday and came in late today.  I’ve been lethargic and achy with purge mode added.  I did read the new Alpha & Omega novel by Patricia Briggs and crocheted a few more granny squares for the charity quilt.  I also found two new installments to InCryptid by Seanan McGuire and am listening to them.  Most things leave me tired lately.

Week is going pretty well with a trickle of issues to fix or address at work and plenty of quiet time at home.  Finances are tight as I received about half my normal paycheck after missing work with the flu.  I had a nice time with Mom over the weekend and brought back a bunch of cotton yarn for the group to use as part of the charity projects.

My Velo (Hyundai Veloster) is at Firestone for an oil change, alignment, tire balance/rotation and new headlight bulb.  A coworker picked me up on her way into work and will drop me off later.  I need to call Mom, Aunt Debbie and Tracey about the weekend.  I got my new individual development plan (IDP) input and passed to my supervisor for review.

Spent time at the office yesterday and today organizing my training and certification materials.  I plan to begin studying in earnest and splitting my time between work-related and personal development courses.  Technically, many of the audiobooks that I listen to could be counted.  Managed to clear my bathtub clog, but I still need to do the bathroom cleaning.

I filed a comment about the JBLM update line and they did respond:  They told me that 1) they are too busy to update the status as long as it remains the came (never mind whether the huge time gap make the announcement questionable) and 2) they have to consider conditions on ALL the roads because, even if the main roads are now clear, many weren’t.  I gave up because we just kept going in this circle.

Snowed big overnight.  I came into work when the roads had mostly thawed.  The line to call for conditions on JBLM was update at 0400 as RED.  It was never updated after that.  I wound up calling a co-worker about 1000 to ask them for an update.  That is so wrong.

I’m about 98% recovered and starting to gather up my postponed tasks.  I still have a couple of bad coughing bouts each day.  We had snow over the weekend and again yesterday.  Very pretty, but I had to yank my car doors open this morning and the parking lot at work was icy.  I’ve made a couple of blog posts and organized my materials to get my CEUs to renew my CompTIA Security+ certification as well as my personal development materials.

I feel better again today, but this persistent cough and post-nasal drip is miserable.  I am still using an inhaler and a nasal spray.  My guy brought home a pizza to share on Sunday since we will altogether miss one another today – Happy Valentine’s Day.

Missed another weekend with Mom.  This time, I was sick.  I am still coughing, but I did make it back to work.  I am working my changed schedule and hoping to make it through.  I listened to a lot of audiobooks and read the new hardback from Tamora Pierce.  I’ve mostly knitted a scarf.  That’s pretty much the extent of my accomplishments for the last week.

Really dragging this afternoon.  I stayed up too late and am not enthusiastic about anything.  I did finish the newest book by Christine Feehan.  I also wrote a post from my “Ideas” notebook.  Not going to visit Mom this weekend as planned.  Her guy wants to enjoy Superbowl Weekend w/o distractions.  I am short on funds after paying all the bills, but at least the landlord has fixed all but two of the issues in our duplex.  We have heat, bathroom fans and a working clothes dryer.  We need a new ceiling fan and a refrigerator that doesn’t leak.

Have successfully run 23 of 27 computers through the imaging process.  Two of the remaining four will run tonight.  Anything failing now could take up to 7 days to try a third variation of the process.  Gained approval to change my hours beginning next week.  I’ll work 0900-1730 M-W, 0800-1630 Th-F.  I am splitting that extra hour between sleep and getting up and moving.

I’ve been popping mega doses of Vitamins C & B12 to fight off the beginnings of a cold.  I had a scratchy throat and a slight ear ache.  Better today, but I’ll keep up the pills to be sure.  Imaging computers to Windows 10 finishes up this week.  We had 6 of 27 fail the preferred method and base support has a 40% failure rate using it.

Got up in time to go to Adult Coloring Group at Starbucks.  I turned out to be the only one, but got a couple more calendar pages colored myself.  Stopped for dinner and headed home.  Landlord was there to make repairs and gather parts.  We finally have working heater vents in the living room and kitchen/dining room again.  Waiting on the bathroom fan, the pellet stove catch, the dead dryer and leaking refrigerator.

25 January 2018:Thursday
The last batch of systems for imaging should process over the weekend.  All that don’t will have to undergo a special process on Monday/Tuesday.  We were furloughed for one day under the first Trump shutdown on Monday.  A 3-week funding resolution passed and we get to go back through this all again on 8 Feb 18.  I am truly tired of listening to people blaming the politician for our problems.  Everyone who failed to vote (only about 20 million of the 219 million eligible voters voted) complain.  Sometimes you do have to pick the lesser of two evils or use majorities in “lesser” positions to control the more powerful.  If you don’t participate, don’t complain.

17 January 2018:Wednesday
The Windows 10 imaging process is not going smoothly.  Some systems ran sooner than scheduled, some worked but had missing drivers, others are being rescheduled for a second method.  I have a larger batch scheduled to run this weekend and help coming to finalize them Monday morning.  Hopefully, it goes well.

16 January 2018:Tuesday
Long weekend let me get a bunch of organizing tasks done.  I also got a hot wax pedicure and manicure.  I started a new knitting project that I am definitely keeping for myself.  I finished re-listening to a series with a new fourth book.  I am ready to start studying again and now have a comprehensive list of my courses and at least one will count as CEUs for my CompTIA Security+ certification.

11 January 2018:Thursday
Attended staff meeting and farewell luncheon for supervisor and co-worker.  One going to Germany and the other to South Korea.  Helped my sister order a MS Win10 netbook so she can use her tax software.  We found an HP model in purple.  Scheduled the first three government systems for reimaging from Win7 to Win10.  See how things go on Tuesday since Monday is a federal holiday.  Good turn out last night for knitting group and gift exchange.

10 January 2018:Wednesday
Stopped at Starbucks and composed another blog post on the way home.  Got my White Elephant gift boxed for knitting group tonight.  Expressed my ongoing rage against Israel in respect to Gaza and Palestine.  Watched the final episode of MAJOR CRIMES.  I’ll miss that show.

9 January 2018:Tuesday
I dropped the ball on starting the new year with less leave use and more energy.  I got very little done over the weekend and missed work yesterday with a sinus headache and stomach issues.  I did read a great Charles de Lint trilogy and did some knitting while getting caught up on DVR recordings.  Going to pick myself up and keep trying.

4 January 2018:Thursday
Lived thru the staff meeting this morning – first one attended by the incoming boss.  Knitting group last night was a bit chaotic, but successful.  We currently have three (3) charity projects going.  I’ve updated Meetup with some special actions for our usual Wednesday night, including White Elephant Gift Exchange and Charity Supply Donation.

3 January 2018:Wednesday
Met my incoming boss yesterday.  It will be really weird to work for a guy.  My boss has been a woman (except for a brief transition period with an Air Force appointee) for the least 17 years.  Mailed the Xmas gifts to my sister yesterday and pulled items for two orders from my Etsy site.

2 January 2018:Tuesday
First work day of the new year.  Spent New Year’s Eve alone.  Boyfriend got back from weekend haul in time for booty call yesterday.  This is the year that things will clarify themselves with debts paid off and relationships redefined.  I just have to focus.