6 June 2019 (Thursday):  Work today was full of small problems and “house calls” to specific computers in specific classrooms.  I’ve resolved to get help cleaning up the dining room and then insisting on clearing out of my study/library so I can use it again.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Lightning – Life as you’ve known it is changing.  Expect both destruction and transformation.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Readiness To Help – You find it easier to help others than yourself, but don’t neglect your own problems or take on too much responsibility.

5 June 2019 (Wednesday):  Watched the second episode of ELEMENTARY (with a surprise ending).  Did some reading and setup Erin’s fresh food supply after going grocery shopping.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Ten of Earth – Evaluate your definitions of wealth and success.  Endings are turning into renewals.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Glowing Cheerfulness – People are finding you more approachable and appreciate you more.

4 June 2019 (Tuesday):  I redistributed plants and potted my two new Hostas from Lakewold Gardens.  I spent a time there writing.  I am staying mum on this idea however.  Ace Auto Collision finally called me back and it looks like I may finally be taking the car in for repair next Tuesday.  I am catching up on the first episodes of the final season of ELEMENTARY.  The characters really grew on me and I thought last season’s finale was the series finale.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Temperance – Embrace all parts of your personality and harmonize your internal and external worlds.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Excellent Understanding – Don’t ignore your own needs when supporting causes and empathizing with others.

3 June 2019 (Monday):  I spent part of last Saturday at Lakewold Gardens, but had to leave early as they’d booked a private event (wedding) at 4 pm.  I spent the two previous weekends with my mom in Longview.  She had a scare with a pimple or blister on the same eye treated for melanoma.  Fortunately, it is allergies (perhaps due to reduced immunity after treatment).  I got some household chores done on Sunday and have been reading physical books and listening to music more.  I had to purge my DirecTV DVR as the storage was full, so I also watched BULL and BLUE BLOODS.  This round of plants, mainly succulents, is doing well and I now have three varieties of dwarf hosta.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Three of Fire – Express yourself and enjoy feelings of creativity and self-empowerment.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Negotiating Skills – Remain fair and objective to successfully reach conclusions in line with your beliefs.  Combine some physical exercise with all the mental exertions.

3 May 2019 (Friday):  I was a few minutes late today and am planning for the drive down to Mom’s after work.  We are going to the farmer’s market tomorrow and then meeting my friend at Red Lobster.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Guardian of Water – Trust your feelings and empathy for those in need.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Relaxed Atmosphere – Your inner calm and relaxed aura draw other people and improve your relationships.  Don’t over schedule and have fun.

2 May 2019 (Thursday):  I was late into work this morning.  I was just too groggy to get up.  Work went well, but I lost my commercial network minion and had to start directly supporting the computer labs and classrooms again.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  The Tree – Don’t try to force things – just enjoy a time of stillness and receptivity.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Try Something New – Try new responses to old issues when your usual problem-solving strategies aren’t working well.

1 May 2019 (Wednesday):  The car is still awaiting repairs as the reputable place found hairline cracks and is doing a new estimate which includes a new bumper.  I splurged and had dinner at Outback on the way home Tuesday.  I hit Dairy Queen on the way home for swirl and a strawberry-banana shake.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  The Gardener – Enjoy a time of abundance and increased connection, sensuality and creativity.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Cheerful Atmosphere – Enjoy the benefits of a cheerful, enhanced reputation that you can improve even more with a little exercise.

29 April 2019 (Monday):  A quiet weekend followed by a relatively slow day at work.  I met our new Supply Clerk and scheduled my accident repair and rental car for tomorrow.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Guardian of Earth – The tangible is currently more appealing than the abstract.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Unsettled Times Ahead – Relax and let your erratic personal life play itself out.

26 April 2019 (Friday):  Attended a potluck to welcome back another IT coworker who had planned an oversea deployment.  Health issues derailed the plan in the last step.  Took a flat of Hint Pear and we drank all but 4 bottles.  Very tired, but did get my toes and fingers updated at Perfect Nails after work yesterday.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Ten of Water – Struggle may be necessary to improve the future.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  A Sense of Wellbeing – People are sympathetic and your actions are likely to meet with success.

25 April 2019 (Thursday):  No staff meeting today, so I came in at 0900 instead of 0800.  I am feeling restless and distracted.  I want to escape, perhaps to the beach and the ocean.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Five of Earth – Find ways to use the skills you’ve developed to avoid too much stress.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Take Care of Yourself – Avoid stress and choose familiar settings and situations until you regain your energy and composure.

24 April 2019 (Wednesday): Missed a meeting this morning because they changed the time when they rescheduled it from last week.  Feeling better, but I am still tired.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Ace of Fire – You are beginning a cycle of transformation and healing.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Exuberance – Don’t overdue things and harm your own health.

23 April 2019 (Tuesday): Diagnosed myself with a UTI and bought cranberry juice and supplements on the way home yesterday.  Went to the clinic today and added an antibiotic.  I’m sure this is “intimacy” related and such won’t be happening this week.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Explorer of Air – As an iconoclast, you enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge and are a skillful problem solver.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Power Games – Take a break from unnecessary power games and scheming.

22 April 2019 (Monday): Easter weekend is behind us.  Mom and I had my aunt over for dinner and movies Saturday night.  We took the dogs for walks and cooked together.  We would have no trouble living together.  Wednesday, a woman ran a red light and hit me on the driver’s side as I was turning left on a green light.  I nearly got out of her way and only have damage to the corner of my rear bumper.  A witness stopped and her insurance is accepting full liability so I don’t have a deductible to pay.  Now to get the repairs done.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Eight of Earth – Find the work of your heart and find the path of right livelihood.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Contradictory Goals – By devoting energy to contradictory goals you make it impossible to reach any of them.  Decide which goal is most important and focus energy there.

25 February 2019 (Friday):  I stayed over with Mom Sunday night and drove straight into work this morning.  I was actually a half an hour early and didn’t get sleepy on the trip.  Maybe this could work out as a commute if I got to bed by 10:00 pm every night.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Guardian of Earth – The tangible increases in importance, creating security and good health.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Careful Choice of Words – Practice restraint to avoid taking on too much and offending others.

22 February 2019 (Friday):  The sky was spitting snow at me on the way to work.  Tried to grab lunch from the coffee shop and their system was down.  Between the lack of sandwiches and no cash, I am skipping lunch.  I did shop earlier in the week and got frozen meals.  I just didn’t bring one with me today.  Bernie Sanders is running for President and got over $6 million in donations averaging $27 each in just 24 hours.  Hurrah!!!!!
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Guardian of Water – Trust your feelings, you are an example of kindness and caring.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Push Forward – Monitor your choices and make careful decisions.

15 February 2019 (Friday):  Madrona Fiber Arts has begun and I have two half-day classes this weekend.  I am trying to focus on that rather than the megalomaniac currently serving as President of the US.  He has declared a national emergency to get his own way when Congress and the people told him no (like the thwarted toddler he is).  I’ve worked a 3-day week and now have a 3-day weekend.  Thanks to all the powers!
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Six of Air – Practice gratitude and set your intent for change.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  At Ease – Feeling completely at ease helps strengthen your relationships.

14 February 2019 (Thursday/Valentine’s Day):  Second day back at work following Snowpocalypse 2019.  We had the first round over the 2-3 Feb weekend.  I was late coming to work on Monday.  Then we had rounds 2-4.  We were release from work at JBLM early on Friday, 8 Feb.  I got and early start and outran the snow to visit Mom in Longview.  We didn’t see much snow there, but I left about 6 pm on Sunday in hopes of getting back for the predicted heavy overnight snowfall around Puget Sound and north.  Only “mission essential” personnel reported to JBLM on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  We had over a foot of snow at our house and my sister had considerable more in Everett.  The roads are clear, but melting snow has led to flood warnings.  The parking lots and piles from clearing walks are messy.  Everyone is trying to catch up with both work and personal news and stories.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Three of Air:  You’re caught in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Good Times – Things turn out well with little effort due to your flexibility and openness to change.

1 February 2019 (Friday):  Finally able to get the latest batch of computers imaged for the government network.  Also helped out by pulling memory from laptops (scheduled for disposal) for another section doing upgrades.  Looking forward to getting down to Mom’s for the weekend and ignoring all the Superbowl hype with her.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Eight of Earth – Practice diligently to perfect your craft.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Look After Yourself – Check your energy and plan accordingly.

31 January 2019 (Thursday):  Since the staff meeting was cancelled, I was able to come in at 9 am.  I stayed up too late playing POP TIME on my smart phone and listening to an audiobook memoir about an American living in China and the orphanage she volunteered for there.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  Three of Air – Journal to integrate you whirlwind of thoughts and feelings.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Directness – Do not be carelessly forthright.

30 January 2019 (Wednesday):  I keep trying to get my computers imaged, but nothing so far.  I listened to Lewis Black while working today and read about 50 pages at the end of the day.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Moodiness – Solitude and restraint are your best choices.

29 January 2019 (Tuesday):  My work order to process new computers for staff was delayed because I put information in the wrong columns in my spreadsheet.  And I had to make the changes needed and send it back BEFORE they would process it.  I got that email (for a ticket I submitted last Friday) a little over an hour before the end of the day.  So … maybe tomorrow.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  #5 The Teacher – Finding or becoming a spiritual teacher is imminent.
Horoscope (Gemini/Third Decanate):  Idleness – Since you’re feeling moody, avoid too much bluntness and monitor  your spending.

28 January 2019 (Monday):  Today is the first day of my quest to discover or revive hobbies and interests to engage my attention and carry me into retirement.  I am subject to pervasive restlessness and the inability to settle.  Work is quiet but projects are pending responses from others.
Tarot Card (Gaian Tarot):  #20 Awakening – You are experiencing a shift in your consciousness.