8 December 2017:Friday
We are experiencing a cold snap with lots of fog and ice on the car windows.  California is experiencing three major suburban fires that are closing major highways.  I can’t believe anyone is blind enough to deny climate change … they can bundle it with other factors, but it just isn’t deniable.

6 December 2017:Wednesday
Ice and frost on the car when I went out this morning.  Had a discussion of recent health issues with my boss.  Had a scary, profuse nosebleed the night of 4 Dec 17.  Got my new reMarkable and love it.  I’ve got my Audible series list transferred.

17 November 2017:Friday
Sunny today but had to clear my car windows before I drove to work.  My boss is micromanaging my use of FMLA leave again.  Hope her replacement next year will be less invasive and not more so.  Actually caught up with basic tasks and working projects again:  imaging laptop, preparing desktop for government Windows 10 image, etc.

16 November 2017:Thursday
Wet and rainy again.  I missed a couple of days of work with a sinus headache that produced some vision issues and pain.  I mainly lay in bed listening to (or sleeping thru) audiobooks.  Visit to Mom went well, but her companion fell off the wagon the evening after I left.  The holidays seem to make his drinking worse.

8 November 2017:Thursday
Colder but clear thru today.  Wrote my accomplishments and passed them to my boss for my annual appraisal.  I miss the years when we actually got a bonus or other reward.  Working for the federal government isn’t what it used to be.  Spending the long weekend with Mom.  Driving down tomorrow.

6 November 2017:Monday
I am finally feeling healthy again.  I am not coughing and hacking when I get up each morning.  We had our first snowfall yesterday.  The roads are clear and only traces remain in most nearby areas, but we still have about a half an inch at the house.

20 September 2017:Wednesday
I finally started a new knitting project last night.  I’ve been taking some embroidery work to group for several weeks.  I am listening to the 5th book in the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series.

19 September 2017:Tuesday
My new “light” alarm worked too well this morning.  It is supposed to gradually brighten 30 minutes before the alarm and then include a chosen sound alarm.  I woke up 20 minutes early.  I am thinking of splitting the difference in case.

18 September 2017:Monday
I’ve been really bad about updating this project/idea.  So, I’m giving it another shot by promising a Monday & Friday update minimum.  Over the weekend, I had my hair styled in one of the popular messy styles, visited the Olympia Farmers Market where a kind vendor gave me a free bouquet of flowers, shopped at the Dressbarn and had dinner.  Sunday, I puttered and wondered about various lifestyle options, but made no decisions.  Work today has been relatively bump free.  Just some logon and network connectivity issues related to what I’m guessing was a major push on the government network over the weekend.

10 July 2017:
First day back at work after two weeks in Kauai at the Point at Poipu.  Spent morning catching up and settling in.  Spent this afternoon addressing work and financial issues.  Really glad I didn’t get talked into adding on to my commitment with Diamond Resorts.  They wanted me to switch from the US Collection to the Hawaii collection and add more points.  I don’t need added debt.

23 June 2017:
I actually got the bathroom cleaned last night.  And today I made all necessary arrangements at work and prepared a “honey do” list of things to accomplish around the house (especially important since Mom will be spending the night).  Tonight, clean Erin’s bird-cage, organize shoes and finish packing.

22 June 2017:
Things went well at the dentist and my crowns look good.  I was going to take a nap and wound up sleeping until 8:30 pm.  I woke up thinking it was the next morning and my alarm hadn’t gone off.  Fortunately, I calmed down and realized the truth.  Then, I slept until about 1:30 am when I got up to turn off lights, take my pills and put on pajamas.  That was my night.  Tonight I have to pick up a new prescription at the pharmacy after work.  Then, I absolutely have to clean the bathroom because it looks like Mom could be staying overnight when we come back from Hawaii.

21 June 2017:
My packing is nearly done.  The big suitcase is full.  All that remains is fitting what is left into the smaller one. (Yes, I’m checking two.)  I even have my jewelry chosen and the beginning of the toiletries assembled.  I got a supply of parrot food and treats too.  I have my dental appointment to seat my three crowns and then a pedicure and manicure before heading home.  I don’t expect to get anything major done if seeing my dentist works as usual, but who knows.

20 June 2017:
Got serious about packing last night.  May be able to get down to one checked bag after all.  Going grocery shopping followed by packing and cleaning tonight.  Made two reservations for Kauai:  Allerton Gardens with sunset dinner and sunset at the Beach House on our last night.

19 June 2017:
Made it to work w/o a hitch today.  Forgot that I was supposed to report to training instead.  It will have to be rescheduled.  My supervisor wants me to use advanced leave since being sick impacted the leave I’ve saved for Hawaii.  Going to get a quick bang trim and work on cleaning my bathroom tonight.

18 June 2017:
Turned 55 years old today.  Mom called and my sister sent a text.  I got a card with $20 earlier this month from Mom.  Boyfriend got home later and he’d forgotten.  I did laundry and started packing for Hawaii.  I’ve read about six books in the last 4 days.

16 June 2017:
Feeling a little sore and congested since dental work.  Was late to work on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Went to knitting group on Wednesday and several ladies talking about flu hitting their kids.  A couple missing group as they were sick.  I am home for a second day as I’ve been experiencing nausea and serious diarrhea, especially if I eat anything.

12 June 2017:
Spent the weekend visiting Mom and helping her organize for our trip to Hawaii.  Talked to my sister who is still juggling menopause and digestive health issues.  Made it back in time to unpack and get to bed at a reasonable time.

9 June 2017:
Arrived a few minutes late as I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep.  Snooze doesn’t seem to be working and might be time to replace the device.  Talked to more co-workers about Revolar, Indiegogo and Patreon.

8 June 2017:
Staff meeting this morning was tedious as usual.  I woke around 3 am to take a pain pill and needed another when I got to work.  I am opting for green tea with lemongrass instead of coffee this morning.  Feeling tired and fuzzy. Running my aromatherapy cold diffuser and listening to my iPod.

7 June 2017:
I feel groggy and itchy from pain med and dental work.  Spent 3+ hours supported by 4+ rounds of injections doing crown buildup on three lower front teeth.  Serious pain yesterday (2 pills every 6 hrs) and an hour late to work this morning (1 pill every 4 hrs).  Heat helps and I’m trying to drink more fluids to flush my system.  Trying to rub rather than scratch all the itchy spots meanwhile.