Democratic Rebuttal to Trump

I chose not to watch the Toddler in Chief give his first State of the Union Address.  I watched DemocracyNow for the video clips and main points this morning instead.  Then I watched Joe Kennedy III give the Democratic rebuttal.

Trump SOTU:  lies, broken promises, deceit, disdain, dogma, defiance

Kennedy:  “This is not who we are.”  We are all worthy of dignity and equal protection.  The false choices offered by Trump seek to make us bitter rivals rather than mutual casualties. Immigrants and immigration are integral to America.  If they build a wall, we will tear it down. We need a better deal for all that includes:

  • a living wage
  • paid leave
  • affordable child care
  • available health care
  • affordable education
  • solvent pensions
  • fair trade pacts
  • safe roads and bridges
  • companies who pay everyone fairly
  • leaving a better world for our kids

I thought about including the ways Trump tries to divide us, but decided that I didn’t want to help disseminate propaganda.  It is the opposite idea:  We are not all worthy of dignity and equal protection.  We have to qualify for it according to his criteria.