Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Elder of Earth
Notes:  Value the simple and abundant over created wealth.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Self-criticism Is Key
Notes:  Own your own actions and compromise as needed.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Two of Fire
Notes:  Will you follow through or not?

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  The Gardener
Notes:  Embrace your creativity, sensuality and appetite for connection.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Control
Notes:  Work to maintain your composure and control your impulses.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Guardian of Water
Notes:  Trust your intuition and respect your feelings.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Calm Yourself
Notes:  Seek quality over quantity, taking time to unwind.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Eight of Earth
Notes:  Learn and practice diligently as you follow your path.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Differences
Notes:  Moodiness can cause misunderstandings … take care.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  The Seeker
Notes:  You have the chance for fresh starts and new beginnings.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Aggravated Communication
Notes:  Postpone visits and meetings until you feel less misunderstood.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Two of Air
Notes:  Make time and space to develop insight.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Personal Happiness
Notes:  Don’t let other responsibilities overwhelm your close relationships.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Gaia
Notes:  The culmination of one cycle and the beginning of the next.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Overcome Timidity
Notes:  If you are looking for change, take action.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Ace of Fire
Notes: Embrace a time of healing and transformation.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Lucky You!
Notes:  Remaining positive powers your progress, but don’t overdo it.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Guardian of Water
Notes: Trust your intuition and your dreams to guide you.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Creativity
Notes:  You’re feeling inventive and persuasive.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Ten of Air
Notes: Release outmoded plans, ideas and strategies.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Questionable Conduct
Notes:  Unbiased observation allows you to change questionable behaviors.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Five of Air
Notes: Defending yourself could turn nasty.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Make Friends
Notes:  Strengthen existing contacts and get in touch with those you’ve neglected.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  #2 The Priestess
Notes: Pay close attention to your dreams and intuition.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Achievement
Notes:  Success and positive outcomes fall into place.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Three of Earth
Notes: Embrace your community.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Feeling Good
Notes:  Despite many of your efforts going unappreciated, you feel satisfied with the progress in you life.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Nine of Earth
Notes: Enjoy the a time of peace and plenty in your life.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Clarity
Notes:  Use your perspective to promote compromise.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Ten of Air
Notes: Release old ideas, make new plans.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Gut Instinct
Notes:  Collect the facts, but apply your intuition.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Justice
Notes:  Act with integrity and accept the consequences of your actions.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Letting Yourself Go
Notes:  Stop making excuses and get busy.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Two of Fire
Notes: Your energy is high, your response passionate.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Sensitive Feelings
Notes:  Cultivate relationships, but apply critical reasoning.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Two of Water
Notes: Your responses to others are caring and compassionate.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Wishlist
Notes:  Avoid risky decisions and impulsive purchases.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Elder of Earth
Notes:  Appreciate relationships and existing security and stability.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Stick To Your Word
Notes:  Honor your promises and postpone important decisions.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Guardian of Air
Notes:  Pursue your gifts of communication and clarity.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Tension
Notes:  Mitigate your restlessness and resentment.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Six of Air
Notes:  Practice gratitude and support change.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Rocky Road
Notes:  Defend your plans and push forward – adapt.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Two of Air
Notes:  In stillness you can hear the voice of the world.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Encounters
Notes:  Existing relationships are revived.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Nine of Earth
Notes:  Powers peaking … a time of peace and plenty.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Team Work Brings Success
Notes:  People are encouraging and supportive.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  The Tree
Notes:  Feeling stuck? Practice stillness and receptivity.  Be at peace.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Uncontrolled Desires
Notes:  Don’t yearn over the impossible.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Awakening
Notes:  Live your values.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Self-promotion
Notes:  Respect relationships over possessions.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Eight of Fire
Notes:  Trust your inspiration … act.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Richness of Ideas
Notes:  Remember all, but focus on what can be accomplished now.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Seven of Earth
Notes:  Learn to be content with incremental progress.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Relaxation
Notes:  Tensions ease and activities progress agreeably.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Four of Earth
Notes:  Manage your resources and reserves conservatively.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Confrontation
Notes:  Postpone confrontations.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Six of Water
Notes:  Live in the present and draw closer to others.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Daydreaming
Notes:  Share your dreams and feelings, don’t attempt too much.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Seven of Air
Notes:  Time to prepare for a change.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Inner Tension
Notes:  Follow through on your plans.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  The Builder
Notes:  Set boundaries and use logic and discipline to make decisions.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Constant Restlessness
Notes:  Remaining constructive will short-circuit absent-mindedness.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Guardian of Earth
Notes:  The tangible is more appealing than the abstract right now.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Inner Restlessness
Notes:  Focus on routine matters and avoid foisting your moodiness on others.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Seven of Fire
Notes:  Personal growth requires risk.  Find your authentic self.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Good Teamwork
Notes:  Confidence and sociability support learning and problem solving.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Elder of Air
Notes:  Balance and clarity while making decisions.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Eventful
Notes:  Be flexible and make the most of opportunities.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Guardian of Earth
Notes:  The tangible gains more importance than the abstract.  Creates security and health.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  A Pleasant Occasion
Notes:  Achievement and unexpected success.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Ten of Earth
Notes:  Surprising growth and renewal in relationships and endeavors.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Discover New Pastures
Notes:  Put new ideas and plans into action and others will support you.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  The Wheel
Notes:  Change is part of the natural cycle.  Stay centered.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Enjoyable Conversations
Notes:  Now is the time to have those conversations about important situations.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Two of Air
Notes:  Stillness and silence lead to insight.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Confident Dialog
Notes:  Deal confidently with fundamental issues.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Ten of Water
Notes:  Embrace the cycle of loss, change and increase, but seek balance.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Turning Point
Notes:  Guard against pitfalls and the envy of others.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Nine of Fire
Notes:  Use your personal power responsibly and enjoy the peace you’ve earned.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Finishing Straight
Notes:  Accept assistance and advice, but don’t doubt your own abilities.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Three of Water
Notes:  Share the joy in your life with others.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Let Yourself Be Inspired
Notes:  Embrace diversity and new opportunities as you move forward.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Ten of Earth
Notes:  Your work will support and sustain you and others.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Support for Your Plans
Notes:  Share your plans in order to move forward.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Elder of Fire
Notes:  A time of supported change and transformation.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Gregarious
Notes:  Enjoy feelings of togetherness and inspiration.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  The Seeker
Notes:  This is a time of fresh starts and possibilities.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Artistic Talent
Notes:  Your expertise and creative talents enhance your relationships.  Empathy.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Child of Air
Notes:  Curiosity and exploration brings new insights and new points of view.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Overcome Conflicts
Notes:  Take the initiative to improve relationships.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Three of Air
Notes:  Suggest journaling to sort emotional/mental whirlwinds.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Clarity and Vision
Notes:  Able to mediate conflicts while remaining calm and focused.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Four of Earth
Notes:  Concentrate on building connections, including stability and security.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Impulse to blame others …
Notes:  Relax and avoid blaming others for any setbacks or conflicts.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Elder of Fire
Notes:  Time to make things happen … time for change and transformation.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Social Contacts
Notes:  Feeling friendly and sociable.  Spend time with others having fun to increase happiness and well-being.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Child of Fire
Notes:  Embrace feeling of playfulness and enjoy the laughter and inspiration.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Selfish Mentality
Notes:  Appreciate and be sensitive to the feeling of others to avoid damaged relationships.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Six of Water
Notes:  Spend time with friends and appreciate connections to all living things.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Take Comfort
Notes:  Avoid blaming others … remain calm and relaxed and view difficulties as opportunities.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  The Builder
Notes:  Make decisions and changes based on reason and pragmatism.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Positive Feelings
Notes:  Personal and professional interactions will be agreeable and satisfying.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Explorer of Earth
Notes:  Remain practical AND intuitive, using connections to Nature for spiritual renewal.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Unrest
Notes:  Don’t blame others for your moodiness.  Focus your energy on yourself.

Today’s Card (Gaian Tarot):  Four of Air
Notes:  Be careful about overdoing things and maintain the time and space needed for your personal pursuits, interests and renewal.
Gemini Horoscope:Third Decanate:  Take Care of Yourself
Notes:  Avoid stress in order to maintain your composure as you can’t change how you feel.