Dreams as Clues

As a child and teenager, I dreamed of getting away from my small town. As an adult who’s moved back, I realized that my small town was centrally located and gave me access to many of the things I had learned to love. These include the beach and ocean, comfort stays and easy day trips in nature, mountains, snow, music, dining and shopping (especially great book stores and coffee shops).

Recently, I’ve realized that I often dream of the things I want and the places I hope to go. I used to dream of sleeping on hidden rocky beaches and feeling calm and safe listening to the water and watching the waves. After living in Alaska, I dreamed of icy landscapes, snowy houses, open tundra and, after leaving, of being hired for jobs that sent me back there permanently. After multiple trips to Hawaii, I also dreamed of blue water, whales and sea turtles.

I still dream of beaches and oceans and spend as much time there as I can. However, I’ve stopped dreaming of Alaska. I think that was gradual over time, but actually stopped over the past couple years. I know I’ll never go back to live, but I might still visit. I retire this summer and hope COVID19 and its cousins will allow us all to actually participate in a bigger world again.

The lesson I learned is that when I stop dreaming about something, I’ve given up on making it real.