Embracing MS Windows 10

My workplace is forcing me to move from MS Windows 7 to MS Windows 10 for our desktop computers.  I manage secure government computers on a secure government network where my authority is minimal.  I also manage a large commercial network where I have complete authority.  Given that, I’ve managed to keep Win7 on those systems until now.

This year, we received funding for replacements.  The replacements come with Win10 and I have to build our distribution image based on that.  Since I am an android phone and tablet enthusiast, you might assume I’d like the similarities.  I don’t.  While that is partly because the desktops don’t have touch screen monitors, it is mainly due to the ways in which I use the computers.  I am not a casual user on those systems.  I need to adjust the configuration, load software, apply drivers and update frequently.  I also have to use software that often isn’t designed for Win10.

Today, my co-worker and managed to build our first Win10 system and to verify that the PKI security and digital signature features work.  I am being dragged kicking and screaming into a Win10 future, but at least I appear competent!