It’s the End of the Year as We Know It (the Daily Show)

I’ve been catching up with shows stored on my DVR over the holidays.  Last night, I watched Trevor Noah sum up 2017 in accord with the Daily Show annual tradition.  Of course, he and his correspondents were all hilarious and satirical.  In the opening monologue, Trevor himself covered “political branding.”  The Republicans and their allies have been particularly successful at using political branding in three areas:  Obamacare, gun control and Pro-Life/Pro-Choice.

Obamacare is a trigger to say that if you didn’t like Obama (a black man in the White House trying to tell you what to do), then you can’t possibly like his version of health care.

Gun control is brilliant because rather than triggering a discussion about safety and ethics, you worry about the government trying to control your personal access to guns … and thus trying to control you.

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?  Trevor Noah makes the point that of course you want to be pro-choice, but now you are against life!  He succinctly states that he is both pro-life and pro-choice in a way that everyone can use:  He believes that everyone should continue living and women should control what happens inside their own bodies … that life is good and women own their own bodies.

He went on to talk about being conflicted about the Trump presidency.  He wakes up scared every morning, worrying about what Trump might do or cause.  But Trump makes him laugh.  The absurdity of the scary things make comedy inevitable.

In conclusion, he sums up the Trump presidency this way:

Trump wants to BE President, but he doesn’t want to DO President.  He wants to play and have fun, not work and be responsible.

I keep hoping (and I don’t believe I’m alone) that Trump will simply decide being President of the United States is too hard and step down.  In some ways, getting the horrible legislation and decrees passed and implemented may encourage this.  When he gets what he wants, he moves on to the next thing.  I keep hoping … and hoping …