Fact or Fiction?

I am trying to organize myself and revitalize my purpose and plans.  With that in mind, I’ve started up my divination practice again.  Each day, I will select three decks (tarot or oracle) and choose a card, add my horoscope, and try to come up with insight based on those messages and topics.
Cards:  6 of Water (community) / Frog (sensitivity) / The Star (guidance)
Horoscope:  Clarification / Perspective

As individuals, we need to participate in both the local community and the wider world.  That wider world can be as small or as big as we need it to be.  I have personally been narrowing my perspective over the last few years.  I’ve become desensitized to the broader perspecitive because of the bigotry and blatant self-aggrandizement displayed by our politicians and celebrities.  I’ve become disgusted by social media because it lacks any broader perspective.  It clarifies nothing.  It provides no guidance.  We need to establish our own guiding principles and ethics and apply them personally and in our interactions with others.  “Truth” is subjective as it exists within a given set of circumstances.  “Fact” is not.  It is based on logic and evidence, not opinion and emotion.  We need to demand facts before we accept anyone’s truth, even our own.