The Failings of “Don’t Call It Trumpcare” (Repealing Obamacare)

Thankfully, the new Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly called Obamacare, doesn’t have sufficient support in the Senate to pass.  Aside from the actions of individuals attending town halls, signing petitions, calling and writing their representatives, key public figures have stood up in support of all the Americans who would lose their coverage or be unable to afford the remaining options.

National Health Care Spending Rose Faster Last Year (2015) Because More People Got Care

White House: Don’t call it Trumpcare

Make America Sick Again

Once again, a Kennedy has proven that Camelot is gone but still remembered:
Rep. Joe Kennedy III slams Paul Ryan on ACA repeal—then forces GOP lawyer to admit major exclusion

I find it hard to support the far right or feel “sorry” for Paul Ryan, but I am satisfied that he is reaping what he sowed.
Paul Ryan’s ‘friends’ have a sad face over Ryancare betrayal

Paul Ryan Suggests New Health Care Bill’s Tax Cut For The Wealthy Is No Big Deal

Burst your bubble: what conservative media is saying about ‘Trumpcare’

The issues with “Trumpcare” just keep growing.  Despite the Republican push to get the legislation through before the costs could be computed, reliable sources outside the government have given us the statistics.
The Unaffordable Care Act: AARP’s eye-popping cost projections for near-senior

AARP Opposses Health Care Bill

Republicans rush Trumpcare forward—bill emerges from Ways and Means committee on party line vote

Trumpcare Is Already on Life Support

And, Trump’s carelessness is being reflected by his spokespeople.  The truth behind his propaganda just keeps slipping out:
Trump budget director Mulvaney on Trumpcare: ‘Insurance is not the end goal’