Finding a Kitten – Just Take Two!

A few weeks ago, my mom had to euthanize her female Yorkie. She was only nine years old, but had health problems from birth. In the end, she developed a large tumor near her heart which was compressing her airways and had about a week before it was going to suffocate her. While sad, Mom made the right choice and let her go. This, however, left her half-brother, Bear, alone for the first time. While we have been smothering him with extra attention, he is the quiet one of the pair. The female was the one that led and enticed him into playing.

I have had rescue cats for decades. They turn up on my doorstep or I adopt from someone who is in a dire situation. My only pet for the last three years has been my parrot, Erin. She is fun and will cuddle for short periods of time, but she is small (140 grams) and can’t be left loose without supervision. We considered another dog, but felt an adult would be too hard for Bear to adjust to and puppy would be too hard for us.

I decided I wanted a kitten and we felt the kitten would draw Bear out and they could adapt to one another as the kitten grew. I looked for nearly a month for a rescue kitten. I learned that so are dozens of other people who have been looking even longer. I am thrilled that the cat population is no longer growing exponentially. However, this disappointed me. I began to look at purebred kittens. When I recovered from sticker shock, I began to look in earnest for a kitten from the breed I’ve longed to own: Scottish Fold

Starting prices for Scottish Fold kittens begin at $1,700 and go as high as $3,000. I found a “breeder” offering half price kittens from Pennsylvania. When “he” offered to ship to my door for only $200, I became suspicious and asked for his address and phone. Name, address and phone did not check out and, when I questioned this (very politely), all communication stopped. Sigh … I bit the bullet.

I found two local breeders with kittens. Five gray/gray tabby kittens were only four days old. The other breeder located in Gresham, Oregon had 6 week old kittens ranging from white to orange, chocolate and lilac marked. Looking at the pictures, I picked a couple favorites and contacted her. Mom and I arranged to visit her and see the kittens. Her facilities were impeccable and the kittens cute and sleepy. Only one cried and was clingy. The pure white male lured me with is casual interest, but I really liked the orange marked male. At this point, my mom feel in love with the smallest chocolate female kitten (one of my choices) and decided to make it two kittens.

I made the deposit and we will get our kittens at the end of the month. I have already put together a cat tree and a hiding box with a bed inside and on top. I had carriers and pet gates. I’ve also either already purchase or have the following items on the way. A playpen, a collapsible play tube, toys, bowls, treats, dry food, canned food, canned chicken in water, kibble, harnesses and leashes, training clickers, sling carriers, blankets and beds. Yes, I’ve gone overboard, but this is my first kitten in about 30 years. And, since I will be retiring at the end of May, I don’t expect it to get any better! Now we just have to hope that Bear and his cousins get along and the kittens (working names Coco and Bernie) bond with the person we hope they will. I’ll keep you posted.