First Snow of November

I woke up late this morning and decided to go to our neighborhood diner for brunch.  When I walked outside, snow was coming down in big fluffy flakes.  I had a cover built up on all the car widows and it was starting to stick to the ground.  After eating French toast, bacon and sausage, I stopped at Starbucks for a peppermint mocha and to use their wi-fi.  The snow kept falling, but alternated between fluffy and barely discernible.  The roads here at Starbucks are clear again.

I’ve always loved snow and I especially loved winter in Alaska.  Admittedly, I liked it best when I wasn’t struggling against it (doing physical training like my then spouse) or shoveling walks just to get out of the house.  Christmas and Thanksgiving are no longer big holidays.  All my grandparents have passed and neither my sister or I have children.  I usually try to spend the days with my mom and any guests she invites.  We eat and open presents.  We watch a movie or a game.  I play with her dogs or work on projects (like knitting).  I do love wearing my winter clothes and making hot toddies.  I love the smells and the colors.  I love seeing a world dusted white and moving through a pristine and seemingly new world.

Wishing You Winter White Days!