Free Press – Corporate Press – Freedom of the Press?

He has no mandate. That fact has so unhinged Trump that he is shaming himself and his office by promulgating obvious lies.  – John Nichols, The Nation Magazine

Trump’s preoccupation with his image has pushed him over the edge and exposed his lies and attempts to use social media and the free press to circulate “alternative facts,” “alternative truth,” and outright propaganda.  Unfortunately, he is simple carrying an ongoing process to the extreme.

When reporters are employed by news and media organizations that are owned by corporations, they face two impediments to actual “freedom of the press.”  First, they are expected to cover issues and stories that will generate income, mainly from advertising.  Second, they are focused on covering the events and issues that concern their employers rather than the public.  Coverage of social movements and topics contrary to those events and issues is severely limited.  Fortunately, we still have a few resources.  My primary sources are DemocracyNow, the Nation, ProPublica and the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post:  Bernie Sanders Is Exactly Right: The Media Is an Arm of the Ruling Class of This Country