Friday Photo – Inspiring Women

I’ve met two truly extraordinary people in my lifetime.

I attended the Kinship with All Life event in San Francisco sometime around 2000-2003.  I met many wonderful and inspiring people, including Julia Butterfly Hill.  However, listening to Jane Goodall was the zenith.  She moves through the world in a sphere of peace and compassion.  You cannot be near her without feeling it.  You cannot hear her and not know it.

I’ve also seen Amy Goodman three times:  Green Expo and Town Hall in Seattle and, last night, at the Evergreen College Recital Hall as she promoted her book and celebrated 20 years of Democracy Now! She’s passionate, funny and extremely knowledgeable.  She reaches everyone regardless of age and I always leave wanting to both be a better person and to make a difference.  I listen to her daily audio-video show nearly every day: