Trump & Game of Thrones (Spoilers!)

The season finale for GAME OF THRONES aired this week.  We found out Jon Snow (King of the North) isn’t a bastard Stark, but a legal Targaryen and the uncle of Daenarys Targaryen (Mother of Dragons) … just as they fell into bed together.  We found out Cersei Lannister is pregnant with her brother-consort’s child just as she threatens his life.  Sansa and Arya Stark (sisters) bond over judging and killing Petyr Baelish as an enemy of the Starks.  We now know the genealogy.

All that involved the type of twists I’ve come to expect.  The re-animated ice dragon bringing down the wall and leading the march of the dead through was a great cliff-hanger ending.  However, I’ve come to feel sympathy for Cersei even though I don’t “like” her.  I went all cheerleader when she allied herself with Jon and Daenarys to save humanity … even if it was just to save the world so her baby could rule it.  Finding out that she is completely sociopathic and power mad severely disappointed me.

I wonder if this is how the Trump supporters with functioning brains are feeling?  Trump is completely narcissistic and power mad.  Are they severely disappointed too because they never liked him, but thought he sympathized with them?  Are they treating real life as no more than entertainment?  Are they madly dancing as the world burns?  (That should probably be just the United States rather than the world … barring nuclear war.)  Cersei has tunnel vision and Trump supporters must too.

I can’t think of any other reason for Trump to get the votes he did from who he did.  Politics have become another kind of reality show.  If you don’t believe anything will change, then entertainment is pretty much the only motivation.  You root for your favorite participant and follow them like an athlete or sports team.  Trump has been wildly successful at rousing our tribal us-them fervor and telling who “we” and “they” are.  The problem is that was are all “us” or all “them” to Trump because he is the only one in his tribe.  Everyone else is there to be manipulated and used … just as Cercei Lannister does in Game of Thrones.