Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch – Anger

Quotation from GETTING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER BITCH:  “The degrees of anger matter.  There’s a difference between being outraged and being annoyed – knowing that difference is essential.”

Anger has always been a factor in society and politics, but since the political party of anger, the Tea Party, arose, anger seems to have no degree.  Everyone is angry about something.  All anger is important.  Expressing anger is even more important AND it doesn’t seem to matter what you tear down in the process.  Our last presidential election is a good example.

Having voted for Obama, I was angry at all the things he’d left undone.  I was angry at the military-industrial complex and Big Pharma.  I was tired of insiders running both business and our government.  However, I was not angry enough to turn our democracy into an international joke.  I understood degrees of anger.  Not everything is as important as everything else.  My pet peeve probably isn’t catastrophic!  I wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders.  When I couldn’t, I voted for Hilary Clinton.  The biggest question that I asked myself and in conversation with others was:  “Would this bother you if she was male?  Do you have different expectations and focus than you would otherwise?”  Too often, the answers were “no” and “yes.”

Having voted for Donald Trump (or opted not to vote at all), Americans are now horrified by the Trump circus.  We are outraged by all the conflicts of interest personified by Trump himself and his appointees and advisors.  And we are seemingly surprised at all the actions the Republicans are now pushing through, including trying to repeal ethics laws and dismantling the Affordable Care Act without a replacement.  While I know Trump lost the popular vote by 2.9 million, they are all claiming a mandate from the election.  When the media is supporting the Trump circus, they are golden.  When the media is not, they are liars and frauds who aren’t worth listening too.  Where will it end?  We are about to put our version of Russia’s Putin into office and nobody seems to know how to stop it.  I am totally open to suggestions.