Guardian of Air

Several tarot cards turn up frequently in my tarot readings, whether I do them online, using my smartphone app or physically using my deck.  The most frequent resonates deeply with me and I drew it again today:  Guardian of Air, Gaian Tarot

The Guardian of Air brings clarity to every situation, even if it hurts.  She sees straight through to the core of things, making her very candid and direct.  She bestows gifts of skillful communication, whether writing, speaking, or editing.  It is time to speak the truth loudly, boldly, and with great integrity.

Shadow Side/Reversal:  What needs to be said?  What is preventing communication?  Someone who is very influential may be overly judgmental.  Tact and clarity are needed.  The right word at the right moment is a precious jewel.

I am facing major changes in the (suddenly) near future regarding both my relationships and my career.  Most probable will include moving into a new place with my mom, resolving my relationship with my co-habitant, and working in my current position for another 3-4 years before retirement.  Less likely but still possible is finding a new position further south around Portland/Vancouver and moving in with my mother where she is now in Longview.  Least likely, is early retirement or buyout in conjunction with downsizing the government.

I believe I’ve worked hard to mediate shyness, depression and introversion as exacerbated by being female.  I’ve clarified my personal ethics and created some rules that I live by.  A couple of them are:

– Take action based on whether it is consistent with who you ARE and who you want TO BE.  Focus on the opportunity and not the outcome.   Expectations of reciprocity and response only lead to stress and disappointment.

– Justice requires you to speak out every time.  You can’t assume someone else will do it.  You can’t ignore it even in the absence of personal impact.  You can do so with tact and compassion while speaking truth clearly and concisely.