What Happened to “Post-racial America?”

President Obama’s farewell address touched on the failed concept of a post-racial America.  He also talked about “the call to citizenship.”  In essence, this addresses Trumps’ divisiveness.  He specifically challenges us not to take our democracy for granted.  When we have one of the lowest voting rates, many dysfunctional institutions and high rates of personal and public distrust, we cannot afford to be silent.

Trump and his many cronies (now nominees for various offices), use race, religion (Muslims), and gender to divide and distract Americans.  Senator Sessions’ testimony denied racism and distanced himself from Trump’s wilder campaign promises.  However, previous and recent positions include opposing a path to citizenship for immigrants, giving citizenship to everyone for simply being born in the U.S., questioning broad judicial interpretation of the constitutional separation of Church and State, declaring same-sex marriage cultural anathema, and voting against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act and the Voting Rights Act.  Having an Attorney General who is supposed to enforce policies that he has opposed throughout his career is ridiculous.  His contempt for civil rights and the 14th and 15th Amendments discredits his obfuscations now.

Trump views conflict of interest as meaning that the President shouldn’t get distracted and those capable of doing both jobs (government and business) could if they wanted to without causing any problems or creating any issues. REALLY!!!  I have to wonder if he’s picking all his nominees to distract us from his own failings.  Is so, that could be a viable strategy.