Hysteria in the Streets

I titled this “Hysteria in the Streets,” but it is really armchair hysteria.  Our country was built on free speech and the right to assemble and protest.  The current round of protest is disruptive and, since the largest reason we have President Elect Trump is complacency, we have people experiencing fear and turning it into censure … and embarrassment. However, stopping the protests and dissent isn’t going to change the cause OR force the rest of the world to forget our last election was a farce.

Admitting that disruptive elements and police militancy turned some of the protests into defacto riots, doesn’t mean they should stop.  Frankly, we should keep them going until we either force Trump to resign or he makes enough mistakes to be prosecuted and/or impeached.  And it will probably take mobilizing our youth to manage it.  I was happy to see the high school students walk out of class.  I’m happy to see marches and demonstrations.

I am unhappy with all the mea culpas from the media and the “stay away” voters.  If you failed to vote because neither the Republican or the Democratic candidate pleased you, you elected Trump.  If you failed to vote for Hilary Clinton because she wasn’t “likeable,” you elected Trump.  If you voted for a third-party candidate or wrote in a name, you elected Trump.  The media covered Trump like he was buying airtime and they covered his antics rather than anything substantial.  (I admit there isn’t much substance to him.)

I am still reeling in disbelief that “my” country could do this, but I’ve been afraid we were basing our lives on soundbites and propaganda since Bush started his wars after 9/11.  I am sorry to see that hearing something often enough from loudly enough satisfies a lot of people living in a democracy that’s supposed to be an example for the rest of the world.

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