“I’m really not a bad person,” says Trump.

Trump is convinced that only he’s in a position to know what is true or not true.  He has decided to only listen to “friendly” reporters.  He calls all reporting full of “hatred.”  He feels free to interrupt everyone else in the room, but resents being interrupted himself … even when the other person is responding to a question he just asked.

He maintains his popularity and the overwhelming mandate of the American people … despite having, if not the lowest, then one of the lowest approval ratings ever for a President at the beginning of his term.

John Oliver summed it up on his first show of the season when he described advice to rely only on the president for ‘real’ news, as something out of North Korea.  “Trump’s reality can change with a single sentence,” said Oliver. “We all need to commit to defining the reality of facts.”

In addition, Jeremy Scahill addressed it on a recent INTERCEPTED podcast.  He focused on two key elements of fascism that Trump is promoting (consciously or unconsciously):

  1.  dehumanizing classes of people (such as LGBT or Muslim individuals)
  2.  attacking the free and independent press

Overall, the press conference saddened and embarrassed me.  How did someone so out of touch become a “success,” and how am I a citizen of a country that would make him its leader? (Only his losing the popular vote gives me any confidence in average Americans.)

See a full transcript and video on the New York Times website:

Annotated version with responses to many Trump statements from NPR: