Inner Bitch Quote – Speaking Up and Using the Courts

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch:
Your Inner Bitch wants you, always to be willing to speak your mind.  You don’t always have to be right, because being right isn’t always the point.  Speaking your mind always is.
PLAY THE BITCH CARD:  Letting go of Toxic Niceness doesn’t mean you can’t be pleasant, it simply means you no longer take unpleasantness to extremes.

I am proud of all the citizens gathering to protest Trump’s executive order again seven Muslim-majority countries.  I am proud of the judges and courts who are trying to uphold our laws and avoid abuses like the interment of Japanese Americans during WWII.  I am ashamed of the men and women who are ignoring the court orders and acting against immigrants and travelers.  The courts are our defense against abuses of power by elected officials.  Protests happen when those institutions and individuals fail and citizens decide to hold them to account and I am proud of everyone willing to act.

I am willing to have additional background requirements levied against specific countries, but those requirements shouldn’t be levied based on religious affiliation (and Trump said he’d give priority to Christians from those countries).  And, individuals who hold green cards and approved visas have already been through this process.  Thank god for the ACLU and citizen protests and disobedience.