Is Altruism Dead?

Altruism contributes to the survival of the human race. It has never been a good survival strategy for the individual. If an entire society emphasizes putting the needs of the individual first, is there any place for altruism?

Can we go as far as saying survival under those circumstances requires the individual to repudiate altruism? Or even further and suggest that altruism is being deselected under “survival of the fittest?” Given the right circumstances (such as climate change) would the attribute resurface? Could a whole generation embody that resurgence?

iGEN (the youngest social group) seems to be an example of this.  Before the mass shootings and multiple climate disasters, they mostly worried about their own futures and opted for whichever choice was safest.  They weren’t politically active and simply accepted things that the media thought controversial, like marriage equality, gender and racial equality, and science trumping religion.

With the Progressive movement and upcoming elections, their disinterest is changing and I can only hope that they tip the balance.  Personal freedom doesn’t negate altruism or, as I would call it, social justice.