5/28/78 – Failed traffic education at Kelso Senior High School due to excessive absences.

6/6/78 – Senior photographs at Mural Arts Studio.

6/7/78 – School out for the summer. Finished junior year.

6/18/78 – Celebrated my birthday at the Big Scoop with family.

6/30/78 – Attended concert in Portland with my parents for my birthday: Kris Kristofferson (I had a huge crush.) and Rita Coolidge

7/4/78 – Our black minature poodle, Shamus, was terrified by the fireworks.

7/5/78 – We found my personal kitty (whom I’d raised from a kitten), Sammy, dead from apparent poisoning. He was my first pet (not a family pet) and we buried him with a small cross at the back of our property.

7/10/78 – Discovered that our neighbor had a batch of kittens that were Sammy’s grandchildren. My sister and I decided to each get one. She chose a butter-colored male with Siamese markings. I chose a gray tabby that I named Charlie.

7/22/78 – (1) Got a letter from the Texas coven leader that I corresponded with under parental supervision. I continued to be interested in mythology and alternative religions. (2) Dad’s car club held a car wash in support of Kelly McCoy. I hoped to see two boys, Bobby and Wayne, but they didn’t show up.

7/26/78 – Brought Charlie (the grey tabby with the bent tail) home four (4) days ago. Anita named her kitten Morris.

7/27/78 – Baked about 16 dozen cookies after baking about 7 dozen yesterday.

7/28/78 – Attended the street fair and went to the theater to see Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in GREASE.

7/30/78 – Dad sold the dune buggy. My sister is growing more competitive and jealous and I’m liking her less.

8/3/78 – Dad’s birthday. Doing a lot of quilt piecing.

8/4/78 – Watched A WARM DECEMBER and read PASSIONS by Danielle Steel.

8/11/78 – Went to my first disco (for teenagers), Catch a Rising Star followed by piling in my friend’s car and “cruising Commerce.”

8/19/78 – My grandparents, Mom’s parents, are getting divorced after 30+ years of marriage. I began to play different roles with different family members.

8/20/78 – First mention of masturbation.

8/21/78 – HOOPER starring Burt Reynolds was playing at the local theater.

8/23/78 – I was watching RYAN’S HOPE, a television soap opera. (I watched if from the first season to the last.)

8/25/78 – Held a garage sale at home.

9/2/78 – Sewing clothes for last year of high school as a senior. Experimented with anal masturbation.

10/2/78 – Crocheting Christmas gifts for my cousins.

11/29/78 – Watched Tom Laughlin in BILLY JACK and THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK.

11/30/78 – Robin Williams is starring in MORK AND MINDY, “nanoo, nanoo.”

2/2/79 – Kurt Russell played Elvis in a TV special with Roddy McDowell doing the singing. Elvis has been dead for two years.

3/31/79 – Passed my written and driving tests and got my Washington State driver’s license today.

5/18/80 – Mt. Saint Helens erupted. Most of the ash moved East and fell on the other side of the Cascades. My sister was stranded with her Traffic Safety Club at Toutle rest stop on I5 during the actual eruption. I was home with family.

5/21/80 – The volcano is much quieter and no new explosions have taken place. The initial explosion leveled about 3,000 acres of forest and formed a 2 x 3 mile crater. The ash has reached the East coast. President Jimmy Carter will be flying over the area and using the local airport at the other end of my street.

5/22/80 – President Carter landed at the airport at 8:30 am this morning and left about 10:00 am after visiting the evacuation center.

5/25/80 – St. Helens erupted again and this time we got the ash. We’ve been declared part of the disaster area.

5/27/80 – About an inch of ash fell and is still blowing around. I went out and reacted with sneezing. Mom went out and threw up. Grandpa has been coughing. We were even using face masks. I’ve been working on my latch hook rugs and craft projects while stuck at home.