Leaving Nook for Kindle

I’ve had my Nook HD Plus since if first came out.  Over the last year, it has become more and more troublesome.  Strange reboots, hanging when opening apps and abruptly exiting them, performing unconnected actions for touches on the screen, loosing charges quickly, dropping wi-fi and bluetooth connections or failing to make them, and refusing to power on today.

So, after considering my options (other e-book readers, android tablets), I’ve ordered:

Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa, 10.1″ HD Display, 64 GB, Silver Aluminum – with Special Offers(128GB SD, keyboard case, glass screen protector, 2-year warranty)

I should have it in two days and have found a shortcut to load applications outside the Amazon store that will let me transfer all my Nook books and other digital media.  I’ll be able to customize and get accustomed to it before our Hawaii trip.  I’ll keep this post updated.

Update 20Mar17:

I finally gave in and did a factory reset on the Nook.  Then I had to apply two software updates.  Then I had to authorize and link my accounts.  I’ve decided to use it strictly for patterns and craft-related projects.  Then I started downloading my craft related magazines and books as well as any other necessary apps from Google Play.  My Kindle is supposed to be delivered today.  The accessories have already arrived.

Update 5Apr17:

I’ve had the Fire for several days now and I love it.  I had to research enabling the full Google Play Store and options, but several scripts made the process pretty simple and I now have access to all compatible apps, including those previously purchased.  I am a bit disappointed with the battery life, but I think this may be a factor of all the background downloads, updates and synchronization processing behind the scenes.