Morale Activities

Organizations and businesses with poor employee morale often start looking for ways besides changing the actual conditions and circumstances responsible.  I believe the most ridiculous of these are team building and socializing.  The most ridiculous of the team building activities are the ones promoting trust.  In may cases, the employees trust one another.  Managers or corporate policy are distrusted.

The most ridiculous of the socializing activities are section competitions.  Most recently, we were all asked to wear green and take a photograph for St. Patrick’s Day.  Then someone decided which photograph was best.  The photographs and the decision were then shared by email with employees.  No rewards or incentives were provided.  Socializing outside the workplace has also become problematic.

Many employers or even prospective employers require review or even password access to social media.  Employees who use social media and socialize together risk their activities being used against them by both their coworkers and their managers.  My sister is self-employed and she rarely posts anything that includes her own opinion or even refers to the opinions of others.

TSA and Border Patrol can even detain travelers, including American citizens, confiscate their electronic devices, require them to share passwords and files to access said devices, and then pass information they find on to law enforcement.  They require no “probable cause” and targeted individuals have no legal recourse.

In a country trying to silence and intimidate its own citizens, trying to build workplace morale is a poor substitute for free speech and civil rights.  Organizations and businesses seriously concerned with employee morale support their employees by offering choices and opportunities.  For example, affordable day care.  When expressing dissatisfaction with their workplace, their community or their country can be punished, morale is merely a distraction.