More Artemis Quotes

All quotes taken from Chapter 8 of ARTEMIS THE INDOMITABLE SPIRIT IN EVERYWOMAN by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

"Artemis is one of the three Greek goddesses of the moon, along with Selene and Hecate.  Each represents a phase in life:  Artemis symbolizes the waxing, or young and growing, crescent moon … as maiden, mother, and crone … the three phases of the pre-patriarchal Great Goddess or Triple Goddess …"

"However, Selene, as the full moon, is full in herself and is not a mother goddess.  She symbolizes the reality that maturity and motherhood are not the same, but rather separate aspects of a woman in her prime."

"The Western world was pagan and patriarchal; male gods and men ruled.  With the ascendency of Christianity … pagan divinities were replaced by monotheism …"

"These wise women, midwives, and healers, who were the first to be burned at the stake during the Inquisition as witches, expressed the archetype of Hecate."

"Menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause reflect the three stages of the moon, and the three phases of the Great Goddess as maiden, mother, and crone."

"Atalanta is a myth about a human woman whose archetype is Artemis, and her story is analogous to the first stage – the waxing crescent moon phase – of an independent woman's life."

"Until they fall in love, their passion may be for a cause … or as a competitor with good male friends and even lovers."

"When Artemis is the archetype, an inner one-in-herself certainty can set a young woman on her course early through a life-shaping soul decision."

"Selene is the full moon incarnate … Her full-moon nature is not that of a maiden or a pregnant woman, but that of a full woman."

"For one-in-herself women, this attraction to beauty – of form or of soul – allies with her own soul's need to love more and love more deeply, which conspires against her independence."

"Just as the Artemis archetype makes sisterhood natural or idealized, the moon aspect of Artemis is the tendency in the archetype to be a contemplative or mystic."

"To feel yourself behaving out of character (even if no one else sees it), to be infatuated, to be vulnerable, to have your sense of well-being dependent on someone else is not a comfortable state."

"Hecate can see where you are coming from, and what your choices are."

"Hecate is a liminal presence.  She is found at twilight, between night and day. She is at home in caves, places between the upper world and the underworld, the world of the living and that of the dead or of the spirits.  She is the archetype of the medium or psychic, the healer, the midwife, and the witch.  Hecate's archetypal three-way vision refers to her intuitive ability to make connections between past, present, and future.  Intuition is a perception of patterns – a way of seeing how present circumstance and relationships grew from the past and the direction they may move in the future."

"Hecate presides over times of transition – that in-between time when what you decide (or what happens) determines the direction your life will take."

"Hecate is the supportive friend … Hecate is the wisdom in women who know that denial and wishful thinking harm rather than help when the truth must be faced.  She is the archetype in you or your friend that knows this."

"Hecate can be an inner companion or the major archetype when growing older means growing wiser."

"Hecate in her cave differs from Hecate at the crossroad."

"When youngsters are on their own.  Hecate can become an inner companion early in life.  A child who is not looked after by adults learns to stay observant – to learn by watching, to avoid drawing attention to herself, and to learn from mistakes.  To become wise beyond her years, or to become street-wise, is to develop the Hecate wisdom of seeing patterns and consequences, and seeing into character and soul qualities."

"She remains on friendly terms with both former husbands – something Artemis women tend to do, at least after a time."

"When you exercise your autonomy and are on a self-chosen path, a life that is meaningful to you becomes possible.  But you also run the risk of becoming lost or discouraged as you are finding your way."

"When Onzie left the mainstream pattern for women of her age, she became an outlier, a now-positive designation for being on the edge rather than in the mainstream."

"Each time, the choice may have been between the broad road of conventional expectations or the trail that takes the direction of personal authenticity.  Authenticity rather than conformity has become a cultural value, which was not always the case."