More Artemis Quotes

All quotes taken from Chapters 4-5 of ARTEMIS THE INDOMITABLE SPIRIT IN EVERYWOMAN by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

"… fear of judgment and punishment from above is a source of fear or dread in many adults."

"Justification and righteousness are like the impervious pelt of the boar, the thick skin of defensive armor that protects against the barbs of criticism."

"The Calydon boar may take over a woman's inner life when she suppresses a seething rage, thus destroying her own inner landscape."

"No one is ever her usual or best self when an 'attack dog' complex takes over and is consequently obsessed by envy, or dwells upon slights, or harbors hostile or paranoid feelings about the thoughts or motives of others."

"… attack dog … that part in the psyche that reacts with defensive hostility."

"Not enought trees, too many people is a simple equation the equals global warming …"

"Many mothers do the same by manipulating their son's feelings, killing off a relationship by raising doubt, anxiety, responsibility, guilt, or shame."

"When spontaneity, joy, anger, or grief can't be expressed in the prescence of a powerful or needy parent, it goes elsewhere.  Supressed grief may become sadness; anger may find an undeserving target; joy may be stifled."

"Whatever your loss, it is most important to realize that what is mourned and lost is also a sense of our old self.  Who am I now that I don't have the relationship or work or beliefs or geography that dedined me?"

"The wilderness phase often comes after a significant death, or when a relationship ends, or after leaving a community."

"Outdoors, proportion affects us and shows us that our particular loss is not the center of the universe.  When a  grieving person starts to notice beauty, which can be seen all around in nature, and hears the song of birds and the sound of water, or enjoys the ight and warmth of the sun, then healing has begun."

"To navigate alone through grief and mourning is common when society's value assume that you have no right to grieve at all.  Or that it is a weakness.  Or is offensive to someone who can't tolerate either grief or grief for this particular loss."

"To recognize gnosis, which is intuitively felt knowledge, is to know what feels true for you.  Then comes the next significant queston:  Will you follow where it leads?"

"The wilderness is beautiful – nature is.  Whether actually or metaphorically, there is beauty and timelessness to be found in the wilderness, and in yourself when you leave your usual life behind and follow the impulse that leads you to do what you love and be where you want to be.  Doing something that is really hard is satisfying."

" 'Synchronicity' is a word coined by Jung to describe meaningful coincidences that occur between the inner world and outer events."

"Many learned firsthand that rules are changed when 'the wrong type' or 'wrong gender' person qualifies to win the prize."

"A woman who joins up to fight often has had very positive experience with brothers or with male friends.  Because of this, if a man (or men) with whom she serves sexually assaults her and others stand by and don't intervene, she is not only raped, but also betrayed."

"Perpetrators rape and bully, while other men participate in the act by watching and not doing anything to stop it."

"You are at a crossroad, and what you do matters."

"Symbols for 'danger' and 'opportunity' are the two elements that, together, comprise the Chinese pictograph for 'crisis.'

"When bad things happen to you … – there is a danger of seeing yourself as a victim, of becoming depressed and stuck, or full of blame and rage.  Better to explore this new terrain, to see what is there, than to give up."

"The good and bad, gold and dross, that are found can contribute to the next stage of your life, enabling you to become more of who you really are and can be."

"This, too, shall pass … change is the only certainty.  To be discerning about what to do next and maintain hope are essential."

"This archetype predisposes people to independence and autonomy, which lessens the impact of the loss of a person …"

"The ability to get over a loss and move on seems to be an archetypal characteristic, yet this can be misleading – like camouflage – for it would be just like an Atalanta/Artemis woman to hide her grief from the view of others instinctively."

"… who you used to be no longer defines you."

"In our lives, two forces shape who we become:  outer expectations that are conventional and often limiting that we succeed (or not) at meeting, and traits of character and instinct that are ingrained or archetypal."

"It takes courage to love someone who may not reciprocate, to want to be loved or want to be forgiven.  And while this requires courage of a different kind, courage is like a muscle that grows with exercise.  Moreover, courage in one part of our lives does carry over to other parts."