Music Weekend

I’ve been neglecting my music habit for over a year.  I’ve attended very few concerts and purchased very little music.  Part of this can be attributed to technology overload.  When my desktop HD failed, I had to recreate my iTunes library from my iPod and then redo all my “smart” playlists.  I moved them to my Windows 8.1 docking tablet and got started.  Then, I started using Amazon music because I have Prime access.  Google Music started sending me discounts.

Over the weekend, I uploaded all my purchased music (five albums and a few songs on Amazon and 65 tracks on Google) to my iTunes library and I’ve resolved to buy only from Amazon or iTunes.  Today, I am listening to my “Current Favorites” playlist at work.  I keep my favorite 100 songs in it and to add a song I have to delete a song.  The last songs I added were from One Republic and X Ambassadors.

The next project is to double-check all my CDs against the iTunes library before packing them up for storage.  The second step is to burn any music purchased online to a backup CD.  Recovering all your purchases from some sites can be complicated or impossible.

I do face a dilemma.  Storage for my Amazon Music is limited and requires streaming.  Streaming means that I have access to a lot of music w/o purchasing it.  If I subscribe, I can even upload all my iTunes to Amazon.  But the limited storage really requires access to streaming.  I don’t always have that.  In the end, I’ve resolved to only buy music if absolutely necessary.  When I do, I’ll buy it either on Amazon or iTunes.