My Clutter (and His)

I’ve been posting about trying to declutter and simplify my life.  My current issues are related to this, but are not limited to it.  I don’t feel like I use most of my house.  Yes, clutter has taken over some parts of it and is to blame.  The bigger factor is that the house is divided into two “apartments.”

Since my guy began working nights, he sleeps and occupies the living room.  His stuff accumulates there and in the dining room.  Then he stacked two futon mattresses on the floor of my library workroom and began sleeping there too.  No floor space remains free and his stuff accumulates there.  The stuff that I pull out and have a hard time putting away accumulates.  Since I spend most of my time in the master bedroom, my stuff accumulates there.  We move some things to storage and I am getting rid of other things.  All that barely makes a dent.  And, cleaning is taking a back seat as a low priority.

Since he began moving his vehicles, including his race car, into the garage; I have lost access to it for storage despite the shelving and workbench.  Once upon a time, he moved the vehicles in and out for repairs and I didn’t mind parking outside occasionally.  I’ve never been able to park my Hyundai Veloster inside, not even when it was new or in winter/bad weather.

I continue to be discontented with the arrangements and, as some of the clutter gets cleared away, thinking about changes.  We have an affectionate and friendly arrangement, but companionship and support is limited.  Our plans for our futures aren’t meshing well.  I think permanence is unlikely.

The change of season is clearly impacting both my conscious and unconscious well-being.  I love autumn, but it is clearly a time of transition and change.  I may not make all the changes before the pagan new year (All Hallows Eve), but I hope to make at least some of them before the beginning of 2018.